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  1. I'm on my third windshield, and they are all distorted. The first time, the installer rushed the job and messed up so badly that it had to be replaced again(which was fine because it was also distorted). The owner of the company felt bad for the mess up and went to the warehouse to pick out one without the distortion(he also fired the installer). I believe they had 3 or 4 and he said they were all distorted. He picked the best one that he could tell, and it's still just as bad. I had every intention of contacting Ford customer service(have pics of all the window stamps), but then the world started ending and this was put on the back burner, didn't need the aggravation. I did find a work around. I purchased Chalkboard Removable Stickers(link below). Blocking what small view you have isn't ideal, but I was nauseous a few times from driving due to my vertigo, so I had to do something. Using a couple of them, I covered the area with the distortion. I was able to put part of the sticker in between the trim and windshield. After a few days, forget it's even there. The are very easily removed as well, but haven't done so since I put them on months ago(will try and snap a pic). Haven't left myself any notes yet though. lol https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MN4VRG2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. How did it go? My dealer is currently submitting for replacement. Hard to get photos of distortion.
  3. Anybody find out how to extend the rear defrost time?
  4. Just got my 2019 Titanium a couple of weeks ago. Noticed that they reverse lights are a bit weak. Had an Escape previously, that had much brighter reverse lights(guessing cause they weren't LED). I know upgrading the lights is out of th e question with new LED design. Came across this https://www.vleds.com/shop-products/lp-series.html Anyone have any experience with accessing the wiring and whatnot in the hatch? Could easily run wire behind backup cam, but am clueless as to how to access anything in the hatch. Have used multiple VLED products in the past and have been very happy. Pricey, but you get what you pay for. Actually used their puddle lights for my Edge and they are great.
  5. Thank you kindly @Gadgetjq. Much appreciated!
  6. Haven't noticed anything wrong with the rear.
  7. Virgin alert! lol. Just picked up my 2019 Ruby Red Titanium Elite w/ 301a on Friday. Enjoyed reading this post and look forward to playing around with some of these. Holding off til I take my car back to dealer, so they can do the adaptive headlight update that they forgot(also have a warped windshield). Was wondering if anyone found out the following; 1) Disable safety feature of front camera, ie. turn it on while driving. 2) Enable 1-touch close of sunroof(shade does it, why not the roof?) I know these are model specific, so might be out of luck Thanx in advance!
  8. I agree Claude, but why take the risk? A hassle & annoyance , of course. Bottom line, Replacing a windshield is not that big of a deal, at all.
  9. Windshield is considered wear and tear. I just turned in a 2017 Escape that had paint peeling off A-pillars @ 16k miles(obvious priming issue). Towards end of lease, I inquired If I was responsible for getting repair done before turning in a month early. Dealer said in most instances I would be responsible and not worth the risk.
  10. Due to Vertigo issues I have, have to get it fixed. Also, it's a lease, can't risk them coming back at me with windshield damage(won't be under warranty any more when returned). I've had a few windshields replaced and never had/heard of any leaking water at all. As far as scratches, that is always a risk when taking a car in for service, just have to take time to check when picking up.
  11. Build Date 12/18 Here are a couple videos. One from seat, other from outside. Very bad passing storefronts/road signs. Makes you look towards the right as you pass them. Bringing into dealer on Wednesday, he called me actually. They forgot to do the adaptive headlights fix. SMH
  12. I'm in NY, but cars come from the same place. Will take a look at my build date. Can absolutely see it from the outside. Just cause cars on lot have the distortion, doesn't mean replacement will have it(at least I hope so). Worst case if it comes in and it's bad, they order another, and so on and so on, as long as I have a loaner. Not worried about leaks and just have to check carefully for damage when I pick up and they will take care of it. I have had the car a couple of days, and noticed the lane keeping system kept going off. I came out of a 2017 Escape, with the same feature and never had it go off so much. After seeing the distortion, starting to think that is the reason(thought it was just getting used to a wider car). My drive to work is short, and bearable, but if I had to drive any further, it would be an issue. Will see how it is tonight. Trees are fine, but anything with writing or definition, looks like i'm wearing bifocals. Doing a search for "FORD WINDSHIELD DISTORTION", brought up many results for various vehicles. Sucks, but such is life. My Escape had paint peeling off A-pillars between windshield at 16k miles. Ford repaired, took over a week of course. Guess I'm just a glutton for punishment. LOL Will try to take a video
  13. Well, I was hoping to be making an introduction post first, but I am sorry to say I have to join the distortion club. Picked up my 2019 Ruby Red Titanium Elite 301A on Friday afternoon. Haven't really driven that much at all really yet(40 miles). Cleaned the windshield in & out last night(dealer left it streaky, pet peeve). While on my way to work today and passing by some storefronts, I noticed the lettering warping as it went past the drivers side of the rear view mirror. Rubbed my eyes and wiped the windshield with a micro fiber cloth, still there. Of course now that I know it's happening, I keep looking. It's like looking through prescription glasses that are way too strong. Can certainly see the distortion when looking at an angle from the outside. This is something I definitely have to take care of. I legitimately have Vertigo and it's distracting. Will call my dealer tomorrow and have him facilitate the process. Certainly not something I want to deal with on a car with less than 100 miles on it. Usually takes a month to get a loaner, so need to start process now. Oh I also installed my dashcam & radar detector yesterday as well. So now I get to chuck the mount once I get it off, and pry the wires out of headliner & windshield molding. What and awesome start! lol
  14. steamroll9

    Splash / Mud Guard issue

    Just Picked up my Edge yesterday, not an ST, but Titanium w/ the Elite Package, but seems to have the same issue as ST owners. First thing I do whenever I get a new car, is order Splash guards. My place of employment is basically a construction site, always. To prevent constant splash marks on the side, I always install guards. I previously had 2 Escapes, and installed OEM guards quite easily. Not so much with this particular edge. Because of the Elite Package(20" rims, additional body color panels & chrome trim), the OEM flaps will not fit. I actually installed the rear, took a step back, and realized something was off. The rear seems to have the same issue ST's have(hence my posting here). The front has the added issue of the chrome trim(see below pics). The OEM guards will not fit at all really, can't get over that hump. Fortunately, bought them through Amazon, and seller will have to accept return. Using VIN #, fordparts site says they will fit. Went to check out Husky and WeatherTech, they both specifically say, not for ST/Titanium Elite(good job Ford). Has anybody had any luck with finding rears that fit. Saw a post recommending some chines guards, probably wont help me with the front, but are cheap enough to not care. Anybody have any ideas for the front? Of course they are the most important to me. Found these, which aren't molded and are rubber, but seem to not look cheap and might be able to get around my issues, the price though.....https://www.sharptruck.com/truck-hardware-gcr401k-0 Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! http://imgbox.com/tTApqwYg http://imgbox.com/A8ocUBqD