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  1. Hi Edgers! I have a 2011 Limited FWD 3.5L which is missing the passenger side ambient light led, don't ask me why, I bought it like this... I've checked behind the gloves compartment and found the connector in good condition but the led is gone. I've tried to locate the piece at Ford and they won't sell it by the piece (they only sell the whole front leds light harness). I've searched in eBay and found some for the Flex and Navigator, but I am not 100% sure if they are compatible. So I'd like to ask if any of you has access to this piece (maybe from a totaled / junked Edge) or else..? Please let me know!!! Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Thanks!!! So I found out that I have Sync2 V2.91 installed in my 2011 Edge and It seems that FIRST I need t get V3.2.2 (Gen2v322build12156updatepackage.exe) before I can update to any other Version, but I can't find it anymore (was released in 2012), if any of you have it and is willing to share it with me I will truly appreciate it!!!
  3. Hi! Sorry to bring back such an old post, but I need help since I am really lost: I have a 2011 Edge Limited, it currently has Sync2 V. 4.26.11399, I have searched everywhere but just CAN'T find any information about this version, when I took it to a dealership (I live in Mexico City) they told me that they don't have any updates/information available for that version and they want to replace (not update) the APIM at a really funny price... funny for them of course (in which case I'd rather go straight to Sync3). So, I'd like to ask for your kind help in order to know: Is there really not an update for my Sync2? (can I have such bad luck?), isn't there some walk around? Please please help me! I appreciate your support! Regards! Noe G.