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    I am having the same issue with mine. But it is also kicking on the abs light and I am getting code u3000: 49-68 internal fault code. Did you ever find out what was causing this? Seems to only come on during the mornings and then in the afternoon once it’s nice and warm it will not come on. I don’t want to spend 900 plus labor for a module of it’s actually a wiring or connector issue. And I don’t have the most faith in local dealer or most of the local auto shops. i also have code for hvac left and right dampener short to ground. Could this be the cause of the other module spazi g out?
  2. Hey all. New here. Owner of a Ford Edge for 2 months and this morning I had the heat issue. Ac works great. But no matter the temp heat does not come out. Did anyone find a fix for this or at least what the problem was? I have not tried the different extreme temps yet. Any help would be great.