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  1. dcmawyer

    16 Sport Rear Sway Bar and All 4 Endlinks

    Now free. Just pay shipping.
  2. dcmawyer

    16 Sport OEM IC Grill

    Now free. Just pay shipping.
  3. dcmawyer

    ISO: TTCR Strut Tower Brace

    I see the one for sale below, but he doesn't get on to ask about it. Does anyone else have 1 for sale?
  4. dcmawyer

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    Sorry some of us are messaging rather than reading. We saw this amazing part and how awesome it is and forgot about the craftsman. Your work looks amazing, and I can't wait to sport one on my Sport... Thanks for the updates.
  5. dcmawyer

    2017 Edge Sport XDI HPFP, Livernois Tuner, etc

    I messaged you again on the brace. I want to buy it please.
  6. SOLD Bought them and took 3 months to get them. I decided not to use them. If you don't want to wait, here they are. $30 plus shipping from Charlottesville, VA
  7. Selling the stock rear sway bar from a 2016 Sport, with bushings and end links. Maybe an upgrade for an SE, SEL, or Titanium. Free just pay shipping from Charlottesville, VA.
  8. dcmawyer

    16 Sport OEM IC Grill

    I am selling an original lower grill from a 16 Edge Sport. If you have broken yours, or want to modify one before pulling your bumper apart, here you go. Free, just pay shipping. In Charlottesville, VA.
  9. dcmawyer

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    I sent you a PM, Xtra.