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  1. GT500R

    The fastest Ford Edge in 1/4 mile

    You can find the DA here -> https://airdensityonline.com/track-history/Auto_Club_Speedway/2018-09-06/ Also whats the mod list again? Upgraded turbos? Intercooler? Exhaust?
  2. GT500R

    Ford Edge ST Custom Tune (video in link)

    Its not bad gas. No idle or start up changes are made on tunes. It’s a bad flash or LMS uploaded the wrong tune.
  3. GT500R

    2019 Edge ST 1200 mile review

    Thanks for the review. Three things.. 1. Are you located near a track in the New England area? Be interested to see real world results. 2. What did you use to measure 0-60 1/4 mile times? 3. The 21psi you are referring to is found in the Focus ST manual, not the Edge ST manual based on what I can see online, feel free to show otherwise as I am going to highly doubt 21psi is the stock psi as that puts it on the same boost as a tuned vehicle. (http://www.fordservicecontent.com/Ford_Content/Catalog/owner_information/2019-Ford-Edge-Owners-Manual-version-1_om_EN-US_07_2018.pdf)
  4. GT500R

    Turbos Needed - Gen II 2.7 EcoBoost

    I don’t think anyone is doubting claims or saying you need to prove yourself, but 1/4 mile times speak bigger then whp numbers...
  5. GT500R

    Turbos Needed - Gen II 2.7 EcoBoost

    Snmjim or Xtra, while its cool to have high hp and go on about how the Edge has more hp then x car... how about we post some 1/4 mile times. I can only assume you are both low 12’s at this point (gosh I hope so with the long list of mods)....
  6. GT500R

    First Test: Edge ST

    Which thread?
  7. GT500R

    First Test: Edge ST

    Whats a word worse then disappointing? 0-60 no better then a sport 3 years ago?! Glad I did not wait for this to come out. Thoughts? https://www.motortrend.com/cars/ford/edge/2019/2019-ford-edge-st-first-test-review/
  8. Ah, I see now what you ran. We’ll go when you can when it’s cooler out and good luck! Hope you can dip into the 12’s soon.
  9. It was -1100 or so DA for the 12.7, so not going faster if you go to 0 DA unfortunately. What was your time and DA?
  10. Ah! Got it, but not to sure how many people are going to be not willing to race cause they know you may/may not run 12’s. It was hard enough just baiting people to race with an Edge. So why not share the slips?
  11. Nice, please post, interested to see 60', 1/4 time and mph for your runs. (sorry don't understand the fishing comment)
  12. So where are the slips showing you in the 12's?
  13. GT500R

    E30 setups?

    Ran E15, E30, E50 in the Edge. No external modifications needed such as sensors or gauges. Stock is not recommended to go over E15, if you are tuned there is a tune for it.
  14. You should really add DA to these records in your signature and posts. Guys in Texas don't get the luxury of having -1000 DA for their 1/4 mile runs like us up in the Northeast. Nothing extreme... true, but a DA swing in the +1300 range and your 12 second Edge just turned into a mid 13 second Edge overnight.