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  1. I started at a setting of 70. When it started blowing cool air I bumped the temp up a couple of degrees. It blew warm air but eventually went cool again. I had to bump up the temp a couple more degrees to retain heat. It only seems to happen with the defroster/demister vents. I NEVER have to touch the setting on our Escape.
  2. I have a 2018 Ford Edge Sel with dual climate control. The air starts out blowing extremely hot. You can feel it from the demister vents. This may be normal, not sure. But our 2015 Ford Escape with dual climate control doesn't work this way. The air cools down and after about 20 minutes is blowing air with no heat from the demister vents but there is heat from the floor vents. Once again, our 2015 Ford Escape doesn't work this way. The Ford dealer think it's operating as designed but I don't think so. Anyone else ever run into this problem ?
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