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  1. buddy1

    Coolant Change Tips

    Having just finished replacing the old orange coolant in my wife's 2018 edge 3.5na i can say that it was a pain in the butt to access the draincock, first had the car up on ramps so i could try and locate the drain valve,couldn't see anything so i started removing the lower air dam and put that aside and started searching for it with no luck so next up was the lower rad cradle 2 bolts on each end then pry carefully to remove the rubber isolators from the cradle tray and finally there it is on the Drivers side,with the cradle removed the rad does slip down some and is kind of sketchy. i attached a piece of drain hose to the draincock and with some pliers was able to open up the valve and drain the rad of the old Orange coolant, drained and filled with distilled water 3 times and ran the engine to let it flush out the old coolant from the block after which i filled with the latest rendition of gold vc-13g coolant. really glad i got this done and hopefully preserve the internal waterpump.
  2. Nick: I have the same colored edge and i love the blacked out grill and emblem, is that a vinyl wrap or paintĀ  hydro dip ??

  3. buddy1

    Change in Tire Size

    I too was thinking of this size but i think it is too much and am researching going to a 245/55/20 with a slightly taller sidewall
  4. Good day folks, First time poster on this forum and i am replacing the stock 20" tires on our 2018 titanium, and i wanted to ask others if anyone runs the Yokohama Geolanders G055 AT tires? and would i benefit from going up to a 55mm sidewall from the current 50? for better/softer ride especially in "pothole" season like we have up in Manitoba? Tire rack rates these tires as exceptional and a great 4 season tire . my second choice is the Continental Cross contacts and or the Pirelli scorpion verde plus II, but am leaning towards the Yokos, feedback would be greatly appreciated
  5. We are proud new to us 2018 Ford edge Titanium 3.5 v6. This suv is absolutely perfect for us and look fwd. to chatting with other edge owners. First on the todo list is to replace these Kumho tires.let the research begin