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    Oil Pan Replacement

    Thank You omar302 for the info. Very Helpful. I'm not very tech savvy, so I didn't even know Forscan existed. I know the Powertrain warranty is still in effect. From what I have read so far checking numerous sites. The bad results outweigh the good results when Ford does it. I know also that it could very well void my warranty if I do it. Now that I know that I can correct the Toe if necessary definitely helps.
  2. Early Edge

    Oil Pan Replacement

    Hello Xtra Thank You for the reply. I am brand new to the Forum. I have a 2007 Edge which I love. I bought a 2017 Sport with 5,600 miles back in December. I have a lift in my garage. When I put it on the lift to get it out of the way I discovered the leak and found out about the notorious leak problem. I only wish I knew before hand. I wouldn't have touched it. Incredible to me that Ford is not trying to resolve this issue in a more sincere way. I have read so many stories on this Forum and other places how so many times so many people have had to go back numerous times because the repair wasn't done right. I would rather do it myself. I have got the TSB 19-2219. I was ready to start the job when I was reading The Labor Times description on the 2nd page of the Bulletin I saw Operation#192219E stating 0.8 hrs. to check and correct Toe Vehicles with Lane Departure, #192219F, 0.5 hrs. When 360 Degree Camera Alignment is necessary. Looking at the Oil Pan with my Edge on the lift, I can't see anything that has anything to do with these options which are both on this Edge. So I am wondering if anybody on this Forum has actually installed the Oil Pan and possibly know any thing about this. I believe I'm capable of doing the job right by taking the time required, and the many procedures involved to get good adhesion, but until I can find out more info. on those 2 operations involving the Lane Departure & Camera, I won't proceed
  3. Early Edge

    Oil Pan Replacement

    Has anybody actually replaced the Oil Pan on the 2.7 Eco-Boost? Because I have a few questions about the Procedure outlined in the TSB