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  1. Audrazas

    Serpentine Tensioner bearing ?

    1004ron I did. Lithuania, ford edge 2011 sel, 3.5l 213kw
  2. Audrazas

    Serpentine Tensioner bearing ?

    No I didn't. It was an easy job. The work lasted maybe half an hour to took the tensioner of and measure a bearing. Now I can say if someone needs that dimensions is 70mm height 25mm width and 17mm center. Thanks for trying to help me one more question. how often you change gearbox filter or it's unnecessary to do that ?
  3. Audrazas

    Serpentine Tensioner bearing ?

    it is the easiest way. I just wanted to have all parts before disassembling to do repairs faster.
  4. Hi. Maybe someone can tell me what are the dimensions of the serpentine belt tensioner bearing? I have problems with parts in my country.