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  1. 19USMC 69

    Cargo Cover Recommendation

    OK, I picked.up this part at a local dealer. Without having to pay shipping I saved a few bucks. Couple of questions. It appears the unit ties into a couple of recessed rods behind the rear seats. However, I don't see anyway attaching the cover to these. Is there an installation kit I do not have? If I am correct about where it attaches to the seat backs, is it not impossible to fold the seat backs independently?
  2. 19USMC 69

    Harbor Freight Jack Stand Recall

    I go to HF occasionally. It's a good source for some.items, but I'd never crawl under a car supported by Chinese jack stands. I'd also throw coil spring compressors in the same category.
  3. 19USMC 69

    Cargo Cover Recommendation

    Thank you.
  4. We just purchased a 2020 Titanium. A bit surprised it didn't come with a cargo cover. Anyway, we want one. Some I see some on Amazon come with poor recommendations. I figure someone here can point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance. Tim
  5. 19USMC 69

    New to Forum

    I use forums for all our vehicles. Generally the best source for information.