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  1. d332y

    New to the club! Need feedback!

    Not a stupid question. I’d never tuned a car either. So with unleashed, once it’s shipped you’ll receive instructions in your email on what to do. Once you get the tuner you can either do over wifi or, like me, your computer. Download the software he links in the email, hook up your tuner, update it and if you decide to get the tune mailed to you, download the tune, hook it to your car and follow the directions. It was insanely easy. I went with unleashed because he builds a tune custom to your vehicles mods. I believe, from what I’ve read on here, that livernois is a canned tune so they tuned it on their stock edge and send it to you where as unleashed asks for all your mods, preferred gas and then builds your tune to that. It took me about 30 minutes total and that was because I wasn’t able to do wifi and had some issues, I called the tuners customer support and they resolved my problem in less than 5 minutes. Super easy. Plus, now with the tuner, I can read the codes myself and reset and errors if needed. So far I haven’t had to touch it since I installed the tune a few weeks ago. I floored it from a stoplight onto the interstate today, feels so gooooood.
  2. d332y

    New to the club! Need feedback!

    Your ride looks sweet! I love the quad exhaust tips!!! I didn’t know I needed that until I saw it on yours. So I went with the SCT tuner power package. I didn’t end up changing the thermostat but I did have the spark plugs swapped. I’m still waiting on my Green air filter as well. My drive is similar to yours and I’m getting around 22 mpg with a 93 octane tune. I put it in sport a lot though. If I set cruise on the highway I average high 20s. I highly recommend it, I’ve been telling all my buddy’s with eco boosts to look into it. Totally changes the feel. When I leave it in drive it’s still very well behaved but when I drop it into sport it feels as fast as my g37 was. I haven’t done any real tests, just flooring it up to highway speeds or goosing it on backroads but I’m very pleased with it. How easy is it to remove the exhaust covers and slap those quad tips on?
  3. d332y

    New to the club! Need feedback!

    Damn 4.9-5.2 in one of ours?! That’s awesome!!!! Do you daily it with the E30? I refuel at least once a week, figured it would be a hassle. Thankfully, I have a car wash just outside my neighborhood that offers unlimited ceramic wax washes for $45/month, with vacuums/rags to dry and free air fresheners. I keep it SUPER clean haha.
  4. d332y

    New to the club! Need feedback!

    Thanks, it’s “shadow” black.
  5. d332y

    New to the club! Need feedback!

    Thanks! So far this forum has been super helpful in answering questions without even needing to ask. I just noticed a lot of info for folks who wanna track their rides and not so much about DD so I thought I’d ask. I’m really happy with my tune, BOV, catch can and I blacked out the logos and made my own/debadged. Not much left to do at this point but enjoy it all!
  6. d332y

    New to the club! Need feedback!

    Thank you so much for this response. I ended up doing the Unleashed power package and so far I’ve got the 93 octane tune, iridium plugs, catch can (put it in last week), BOV and the Green air filter (ordered but takes 5 weeks). I’m REALLY happy with that tune, feels as fast as my g37 was now. I still have the scorpion pirellis and they’ve got about 20,000 miles left on them but I’ll switch to different tires when the time comes.
  7. The problem is, I have a toddler haha. My gf works crazy hours so I’m usually watching him. We don’t get much time together so I’d rather spend that time with them than trying to take this on ATM. Once he gets a little older then I’d like to involve him but right now he’s got the attention of a spastic puppy. Stuff that takes me an hour or less is no biggie but at least this time, I’m going to have a shop do it.
  8. Oops! I saw NGK and assumed we had the same but I have the NGK iridium that came from unleashed. My bad!
  9. Awesome! I got the same ones, did you gap them .028? That was what Torrie from unleashed suggested I do.
  10. Oh my bad, it’s the 2.7 V6 TT. I’ll switch that now.
  11. Hey gang! Got my set of iridium spark plugs/170 thermostat in today. Got quoted $325 from a shop to have them installed. Is that a fair price to pay? I looked into doing myself but I don’t have a Jack/time/tools to do the job.
  12. Took it all off. Not a fan of badges at all.
  13. d332y

    Ordered mods, need advice!

    Damn, I wish! I don’t think wifey would be cool with me throwing a meth kit on my dad-mobile. Thanks for the info though. Makes me feel more at ease. Didn’t know if I’d need an intercooler or anything else. Sounds like I should be good to go for awhile.
  14. De badged, blacked out emblems and detailed yesterday! Waiting on some go-fast parts now.
  15. Hey gang, 2018 Edge Sport here. Just ordered a JLT Catch Can, Boomba BOV, Unleashed Tuner/spark plugs/Thermostat and a GREEN High Flow Air Filter. Would you guys suggest I install all of those parts, drive for a bit and then contact unleashed to begin tuning? I’ve never tuned a vehicle let alone a turbo vehicle. Don’t want to ruin my ride. Also, for a daily driver with no desire to hit a drag strip, would you suggest anything else to keep it reliable? I’m not trying to shorten the life of the vehicle. I’m absolutely in love with this beast and would like to drive it for 200k+ miles. Thanks to anyone who reads this.