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    Sync 3 navigation problems

    Awesome, thank you, I will check that out. Just got to rip the center dash section apart again to do it, so it might be a couple days before I get to it.
  2. Btaylor

    Sync 3 navigation problems

    So I pulled codes and it shows gps antenna open circuit, I replaced it already but when I have time I will put the factory one back in and recheck it. If it shows the same I guess it’s the APIM.
  3. Btaylor

    Sync 3 navigation problems

    I haven’t yet, been too busy but plan to tomorrow. I was hoping it isn’t the APIM due to the cost but that was my thought as well. Since the unit isn’t showing fault codes I hope my scanner can, it’s a professional model that does coding as well. Have you heard what codes were the signs of a faulty APIM?
  4. Btaylor

    Sync 3 navigation problems

    Also forgot to mention I did update sync just two weeks ago directly from a thumb drive just in case the WIFI download was corrupted.
  5. Btaylor

    Sync 3 navigation problems

    Yes the vehicle is parked outside when I am testing and resetting. This is with the vehicles gps it happened before I connected my phone (unfortunately should have tried it on the test drive), as well as after. After the factory reset it unpairs the phone completely and I tried doing the troubleshooting for a few days without the phone paired because I read about the possible interference. I definitely appreciate your thoughts though because every thought helps.
  6. I just bought a 2016 edge platinum and I can’t get the navigation to work right. I joined the forum and read through all the navigation threads I could find. The navigation is very far off and doesn’t register direction changes until sometimes 10 minutes later. I have done the reset, then the factory default reset, pulled the fuses for half hour, did the resets again. Then in the diagnostics screen I was able to see that there was plenty of satellites in range, however two of the 7 were a little week. I replaced the antenna and did the resets again, the signal showed stronger now but the original problem remained. I checked my sync version which showed to be updated in November, checked the latest version is the same but reloaded it anyway. I constantly have the red x in the gps symbol. Weird part is it actually works for brief periods of about 2 miles or so. Any ideas would be appreciated, I don’t feel like spending hundreds of dollars to have the dealer diagnostics and more to repair it.
  7. Btaylor

    Sync 3 Navigation Failure

    I just purchased a used 2016 edge platinum and I cannot get the nav to work right at all. After reading this and other threads I have done the system reset multiple times, removed the fuses for half hour, went into diagnostics screen and reset from there as well as checked signal strength and sat positioning. I noticed I had quite a few satellites that I was picking up but two had lower signals. I replaced the antenna and got a stronger signal but the same issue with the nav being highly inaccurate. Installed the latest update even though it was already installed. Did all my resets and still same issue. All the other functions work great. Any thoughts?