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  1. davidceder

    Need New Tires

    2016 Sport. My original 245/50R20 102V Ventus S1 Noble2 are getting ragged on the outside fronts. Still have a bit of tread left. Have 26,000 miles on them, not very much in my opinion. I live in a small rural town in Arizona. Mostly my wife drives the car (bummer) around town, may 3-5 miles a run. Next nearest town is about 80 miles in any direction. Most times down to Phoenix I am on good 2 lanes (2 in each direction) Very mountainous and curvy. Speed limits 55-65. Going in a different direction it is all mountain 2 lane black top (1 lane each direction) also curvy and mountainous. Get snow a couple of times a year 4-8 inches at a time. Mostly dry except for monsoon season in July & August. Lots of deer and elk around. Looking for suggestions on new All Season tires. Thanks
  2. davidceder

    Wont download contacts

    Thanks Gagetjq. Forgot to do the simplest thing. I deleted the phone and then aded it and all is well.. Wife has the same phone and it worked fine so I knew it was Sync. All is well now. Appreciate the help.
  3. 2016 Edge Sport. Sync Version 3.0 Build# 18093. Not sure when the car updated to V3.0. It must have done it over the internet as I did not do it. The phone and sync will not down load my contacts. I tried re-loading them and nothing. I was in park with the engine running. I tried many times but no go. Used to work! I have a fairly new Samsung Galaxy S9. The car connects my phone but wont do the contact thing. Any ideas?
  4. Just got back from the dealer. The service guys always treat me well and they think this is a crock. I am past my 3 yr, 36K warranty but am under ESP Premium Care and when the service rep checked the system this part number is not covered under ESP for ANY reason. What a bunch of bull. I guess I should have read the "whats not covered list" which according to Ford is much shorter than the "what is covered list" I have water pooling in the corners of the assembly and they don't think it will ever dry out. The dealer is making a special case for me with Ford but does not have much hope. This is a $1300.00 part. If Ford wont help the rep and I think the best course of action is to drill two small holes on the very edge where the water is puddling. This will help the water drain and maybe help the moister to evaporate. I can caulk the holes with silicon caulk and if it happens again just pop out the caulking. What do you guys think? Even if I spent the $1300.00 it would just happen again.
  5. I have the same problem on my 2016 Sport. I would be interested in a class action suit as well
  6. The drivers side windshield wiper arm snapped off near the pivot point so I need to replace the entire arm. I removed the small rubber boot covering the retaining nut and the nut but am at a stop at that point as it just wont lift off. Does anyone know how to get it off? It is a 2016 Edge Sport. Thanks
  7. davidceder

    New FORD Ovals

    Thanks guys.
  8. davidceder

    New FORD Ovals

    So I would like to replace the blue FORD ovals on my Ruby Red 2016 Sport. I would like black with silver letters or black with red letters, if the red looked good. Can anyone tell me what I need? The front oval measure 9 inches the rear is 5.25. I see lots of 9 inch for the F-150. Will that work? Thanks
  9. davidceder

    Center Stack Lights

    Hey 2FAST4U. I diid sone more checking and it seems like the stack lights are NOT tied into the headlights but into the day/night sensor on the top of the dash near the window. If you turn your headlights on during the day the stack lights do not light. I assume, like me you have your headlights on auto so both events happen simultaneously. I haven't tried it yet but I imagine if I turned on my headlights during the day AND covered the day/night sensor and tricked it into thinking it was night that the stack would indeed light during the day. When I have time I will try this.
  10. davidceder

    Center Stack Lights

    Thanks guys, guess my Sport is performing as engineered. Just hard for me to see the buttons. I will just have to get used to using the screen. I take my eyes off the road for too long when searching for the buttons.
  11. 2016 Sport. During the day during certain conditions my center stack buttons are difficult to make out (see the icons) part of the problem for this is that the stack is almost vertical and not slanted back, and the other is aged eye sight, sunglasses don't help either. If these buttons were back lighted it would be so much easier. I noticed in the explorer they are indeed back lighted. Funny thing is when I shut the car off they do indeed light up. Makes sense. Dark when driving, lighted when you shut the car off. Why did't I think of that?? Anyway, is my car operating like everyone else's? I tried upping the brightness with the adjustment buttons but there are no lights on to adjust. Can someone confirm? Thanks
  12. davidceder

    Slow seatbelt retractors 13 SEL

    Wont the belt stain my clothes after it is sprayed?
  13. davidceder

    extended warranty need help!

    Purchased mine last week from Food Ford on my 2016 Sort with 15K miles. Premium Care, 7 year, 100K miles, 100 deductible. $1495 including bulb insurance.
  14. I had mine replaced with an OEM on my 2016 Sport. Never adjusted anything and all seems just fine. Not saying you shouldn't adjust stuff but we didn't.
  15. So, 2016 Sport with NAV. When I turn on the climate control using the Auto Button (hard button) The power, auto and AC lights all light. I can turn off the AC (hard button again) and the power and auto stay on. Using the power button to turn the climate control on/off brings back the last set of settings. AC on or off. If I power on with the power button and the AC light is off, hitting the auto button turns the AC on? I know this is confusing but the book states use auto, set temp and don't worry about it. So I am trying to figure out if I need the AC on or off in auto, seems like it is my decision? I thought when I turned off the AC it would drop out of auto mode but it did not. I tried setting the temp really high to see if AC would turn off, it doesn't. Is this system working correctly? Thanks