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  1. sorry that I'm just getting back here...work and more work! so,I tried the sanding the ground connection point and still nothing. I tested my battery with a load tester, as the interior lights and every light on the dash went out after sanding the point and turning the trickle charger up to 60 amps for a start,and it tested bad. Going to purchase a new battery. Will update after work,hopefully this evening
  2. still no love...I was suspicious of the key chip ,but after seeing it 'reprogram' with the 8 step,I'm now even more perplexed....
  3. thanks Enigma, I've tried the "not in neutral" attempt and no change. I've tried the key reprogramming attempt,but not while pushing the unlock button....trying it now,will reply with results.....
  4. my 07 se has been doing the exact no crank,anti-theft flashing thing every since i swapped the cloth interior for the leather of a mkx. Its been sitting in the same spot for neary 3 wks.now...What can I do that i havent done?..I've replaced the smart junction box ,pcm, and PATS ring and still nothing.Even did the key reprogramming..obd port and keyless entry not working....
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    No Crank/No Start... stumped

    Hi, i have a similar problem with my 07' se a? after??