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    Cylinder 6 Misfire

    I know what you mean as far as engineer thing goes...But you are thinking along the lines of design engineer. My dad was a service engineer for MRI, Cat-scan, and x-ray equipment. The first half of his career they had to repair the circuit boards onsite, and thus I learned how to solder at a young age. While my degree was in electrical/electronics engineering, I was following his footsteps. Life has a funny way of throwing obstacles at you and thus I am now an industrial/controls electrician, but have a very deep understanding in both design and repair. I agree that many of my co-students are far from my caliber in understanding the troubleshooting aspects vs making calculations and being flabbergasted when real world components with tolerances doesn't work out the same as on paper. Thank you for the info, I didn't have time to look it over indepth yet, but it was a good skim.
  2. Eric1981

    Cylinder 6 Misfire

    Is there a way I can test to see if it is the driver for sure? Is there a way I can get a schematic for the PCM? I am an electronics engineer, as was my dad for 40 years...I've been soldering and messing with circuit boards since I was 4 yrs old...But I understand the biggest issue is the source of the schematic to be able to repair things like that myself. Also, I don't know much about this car, she bought it shortly after our splitup cuz she blew the motor in her Pacifica by refusing to learn how to check the oil despite how many times I tried to show her in all her vehicles she had in our 5 yrs together. But it does have 190K on it...Would it really be worth the $300 to repair PCM?
  3. Eric1981

    Cylinder 6 Misfire

    Hey Guys, My ex wife bought an 08 Edge after we split up. I'm trying to help her with it. It had random misfire codes and a specific Cyl 6 code. I put new plugs in (motorcraft) and it runs better, and the random misfire code disappeared, but the cyl 6 stayed. I swapped coils with cyl 5 to see if it was a bad coil...but it is still saying cyl 6. I also ran some Techrom cleaner through it. I'll do a compression test soon, but I just wanted a few ideas to look at at once. Is there a pretty common problem on these cars that causes this issue? The car seems to run fine to me under acceleration and mid-high RPM, I can hit 80 pretty easy without getting on it too hard...but it sputters pretty much at idle only maybe a little still in lower RPM range.