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  1. Kindafastst

    Livernois ST Tune

    Hey was wondering if you ever ran some 0-60’swith the LMS 93 tune. Having a hard time deciding if I should do unleashed, lms, or one of the others.
  2. Kindafastst

    Is this a good deal on this Ford Edge ST?

    That’s still not terrible but a could find better. With the way the market is I’m happy I paid 36 for mine about a month ago. Fully loaded with every option available 19 ST.
  3. Kindafastst

    Air hissing noise when accelerating.

    So I don’t think it’s the fake engine noises being pipped into the cabin that’s making this hissing noise under acceleration. Another weird thing is that it doesn’t do it when I rev it up while parked only while driving. Drove an 18 sport and a 19 f150 with 2.7 in it and couldn’t replicate the hissing noise.
  4. Kindafastst

    Which tuner to use?

    Was wondering if anyone used the Ford performance turner for hardware? is it compatible with tunes from unleashed or lms? Thanks
  5. Kindafastst

    Air hissing noise when accelerating.

    I’ll start by saying I previously own an escape with 2.0 engine so I’m new to the 2.7 gain. Pick up my 2019 st a month ago. Under moderate acceleration (probably pressing it down around 30-40%) I start to hear this hissing noise. I peak around 17ish boost (sometimes when on it hard it surges up to 20 then back down to 17ish) I’ve checked the pipes I can see for leak but didn’t find anything. Is this normal for 2.7? Was going to take to dealer but thought I would ask here first. Also will add do not hear same noise when giving it gas while parked. Thanks in advance