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  1. Denny Gaughan

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    I'm also having this, really freaks me out because it feels like the transmission blew up.
  2. Denny Gaughan

    Livernois ST Tune

    Is the ST tune livernois has still only good for gains of "28WHP and 25WTQ, with maximum gains of over 59WHP and 59WTQ", or is there a new version available that brings power figures up to were the edge sport's figures were and livernois hadn't updated their website with updates values yet?
  3. Denny Gaughan

    Cracked sunroof

    i had mine replaced with my 0 deductible glass insurance, i just said the temperature must've cracked it
  4. Denny Gaughan

    New ST Owners (Tips, Tricks & Issues)

    Yeah that button
  5. Denny Gaughan

    US-Spec Adaptive Lighting through Forscan

    Does anybody know if the headlights we have in the US have the ability like the European headlights to turn away from oncoming traffic so you can drive with your high-beams on constantly? If so, can we use Forscan to enable it?
  6. Denny Gaughan

    New ST Owners (Tips, Tricks & Issues)

    You can also just hit the "sound" button to the below left of the screen and it instantly backs out of carplay/android auto
  7. Denny Gaughan

    ST transmission programing WTH

    Ford continually updates the firmware on their transmissions, just bring it to a Ford dealer and have them check to make sure the firmware is up-to-date.
  8. Hi Nick,

    I was wondering if you had access to the repair/replacement procedure for a 2016 Lincoln MKZ left side blind spot sensor? If so, would you please send it to me?

    Thank you!

  9. That bad, the suspension will bind if you have it on jacks like it says in the directions, you can totally remove it by just laying on your garage floor like i did. The only hard thing about it is breaking the bolts in the first place. All my bracket bolts seemed to be way over tightened. Also when you remove the end links, i used a t40 or so torx wrench to hold the endlink bolts on the end otherwise theyll just spin with the nut as you remove it.
  10. Denny Gaughan

    The Ultimate 2.7TT Aftermarket Parts Thread!

    I figured out what happened, the link on this forum post leads to the fusion's 70 durometer mount, whereas when you go to the link in the cpe mount specific forum post it brings you to the choice of either the fusion or edge's respective mounts. So I ordered the fusion's mount by mistake.
  11. Denny Gaughan

    The Ultimate 2.7TT Aftermarket Parts Thread!

    Well their order invoice also lists the part as 70 durometers
  12. Denny Gaughan

    The Ultimate 2.7TT Aftermarket Parts Thread!

    The cp-e rear motor mount that is listed is the 70 durometer version, not 60. You need to call and ask specifically for 60 I guess.
  13. Denny Gaughan

    2017 vs 2018?

    no i drive wif ma knees
  14. check your oil level, sounds like it's low. I'm not joking