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  1. niceonept

    New owner in Ontario, Canada

    Welcome to the forum Steve. Hope you enjoy.
  2. Thank you. I've tried every single menu on the car, including the Navigation one, but to no avail. I was hoping someone might know if it could be changed using Forscan.
  3. Thanks, yes I've tried that but it doesn't work. The chime just doesn't last for long enough to coordinate increasing the volume at the same time.
  4. Does anyone know if it is possible to increase the volume of the chime that accompanies the flashing speed limit sign when drifting over the speed limit? I've found the setting to adjust the tolerance of the warning but not the volume of the chime, which is barely audible. Can it be done using ForScan?
  5. niceonept

    New guy from Wisconsin

    Welcome to the forum Jason. Hope you find it interesting and useful. If you have some photos of your Edge we'd love to see them.
  6. niceonept

    Here I am !

    Welcome to you and your lovely big orange car. Hope you enjoy the forum.
  7. Yes. As you can probably tell from my profile I love 1970s Japanese strokers. I can't believe I've now had that RD for 30 years! I bought it from my best mate's girlfriend at the time a year before my eldest son was born. Where does time go??
  8. Seeing lildisco's pics reminded me I used my Edge to tow a trailer for the first time a couple of weeks back.
  9. niceonept

    New to me.. 2013 police edge

    Sounds great. Do you have any pics to share with us?
  10. niceonept

    foggies on.jpg

    Thanks. They're the standard equipment lights for the ST-Line. As far as I know they are halogen headlamps with combined LED daytime driving lights/indicators. The foggies are halogen (I think).
  11. niceonept

    Cracked sunroof

    It's stress cracking - a common problem with the Edge's original, laminated glass sunroof. As a result the original laminated glass is no longer available and has been replaced by toughened (tempered) glass. It's worth checking if this is covered under your motor insurance. When this happened to my Edge last year I was able to get the glass replaced under my policy with only a nominal excess to pay.
  12. niceonept

    Cracked sunroof

    This is a laminated glass sunroof, not toughened (tempered) glass.
  13. niceonept

    Hi from NC

    Welcome to the forum Serebyani. Nice Edge you have there. And Agreed, that's a lovely colour blue.
  14. niceonept

    Greetings - My first 4 cylinder ...LOL

    Welcome to the forum. I had no idea there were N. American Edges that had European built engines!
  15. niceonept

    Finally - Just purchased a 2016 Ford Edge Sport

    Glad to have you join us Alan. Welcome.