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  1. niceonept

    Cadillac to Ford

    Hi there. Welcome to the Forum. We look forward to seeing your Edge pics.
  2. I normally keep my sunglasses in one of the cup-holders - the case fits perfectly. But when I am using the cup-holders as Ford intended I will usually put my sunnies in that space. Other than that I don't use it.
  3. niceonept

    Wives and girlfriends....

    Looks great to me. I think classic cars can be over-restored sometimes. I always prefer them to have a slight patina that shows a bit of their history. And definitely for them to be used ; who wants a museum piece?
  4. niceonept

    Wives and girlfriends....

    Love the Thunderbird. That must be worth a bit.
  5. niceonept

    "Soccer Mum SUV"

    Yes indeed,. It was coined in the elite fee-paying "public schools" of England to distinguish it from the other football played - "rugger". But as a Brit Circatee would never refer to the game as "soccer", just "football".
  6. niceonept


    I like the mudflaps. Whose are they?
  7. I've now had opportunity to do a fair bit of motorway driving since the glass was replaced and no, I can't say I have noticed any increase in noise at all. You wouldn't know it was any different.
  8. That's strange. It can be done OK on Sync 3 installed on the European Edge.
  9. niceonept

    My 2007 Edge

    Hi. You're welcome!
  10. niceonept

    Question about fog lights

    You can see what the proper, Ford fog light looks like in this pic:
  11. niceonept

    Question about fog lights

    Hi Adam. Welcome to the forum. There are quite a few posts on here about installing the fog lamps we have on the European Edge into the North American Edge. If I remember rightly, the problem isn't so much mounting them in the bodywork but having to cut away some of the metal bumper assembly behind it (which is unique to the American model) and then making the necessary changes to the electrics. If you do a search on "fog lamps" you'll probably find it all.
  12. I had this happen a few years ago with a Mondeo I had at the time. It was really cold, below freezing so I put on the rear window heater/demister to clear it and a few seconds later it there was an almighty crack and the tempered glass broke leaving it looking like a completed jig-saw puzzle! It didn't stay like that for long though, one bump in the road and the whole thing caved in, leaving the back covered in tiny glass fragments. It was a very cold journey! Over here it is normal for all glass to be covered by car insurance with claims having no impact on your no-claim bonus and only a nominal excess to pay. Is that not the same in the US?
  13. niceonept

    So I bought an Edge

    Welcome to the forum Tony. That's a fine looking car you've got there. Nice colour too.
  14. niceonept

    open windows with key fob?

    Thanks. This works with my 2018 ST-Line. Why aren't these things in the owner's handbook?
  15. niceonept

    New to the Edge game

    Welcome to our forum. Nice looking car.