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  1. niceonept

    Me and my boy Blue!

    Welcome Missy P. Do you have a pic of your Edge you can share with us?
  2. niceonept

    Help finding side window deflectors

    Loads of these wind-deflector sets being sold on eBay. Here for example. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/To-Fit-2016-Ford-Edge-Smoke-Tinted-Window-Wind-Rain-Deflectors-Adhesive/133010743417?fits=Car+Make%3AFord|Model%3AEdge&epid=24034930992&hash=item1ef80ee079:g:a9gAAOSw1~Nco3ne You might need to change your settings to international though, as it looks like most are manufactured in Eastern Europe.
  3. niceonept

    Help with center console, please!

    What's the betting it doesn't go back as easy as it looks in this video?
  4. niceonept

    2018 Ford Edge ST **DIESEL**

    True, but Andrea says he's owned their Edge for three years and his pic is of the pre-facelift version, so would be the 6-speeder.
  5. niceonept

    2018 Ford Edge ST **DIESEL**

    If it's a standard 2 litre 210PS diesel European spec Edge, the gearbox will be Ford's six-speed Powershift automatic. The Powershift is essentially a manual transmission with two clutches operated by computer, giving much better fuel economy than a traditional automatic gearbox with a torque converter. They do drive differently though, especially when new and take a little getting used to - they can be a bit "snatchy" at times. see: https://www.ford.co.uk/owner/resources-and-support/ask-ford/technical-and-maintenance/car-features/dps6-powershift-6-speed-transmission and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_PowerShift_transmission
  6. niceonept

    Is Dex-Cool the right coolant for a 2013 MY 3.5?

    I can't see anywhere on there that states it is equivalent to either WSS-M97B44-D or WSS-M97B44-D2. I wouldn't use it.
  7. niceonept

    Is Dex-Cool the right coolant for a 2013 MY 3.5?

    I would have thought so, if it says it is WSS-M97B44-D. It would just need diluting with distilled water.
  8. niceonept

    Is Dex-Cool the right coolant for a 2013 MY 3.5?

    Looks like the only difference is that the D2 is pre-diluted. Useful guide to Ford-Motorcraft coolants here: https://parts.ford.com/content/dam/ford-parts/resources/motorcraftpdf/Coolants_Brochure.pdf
  9. niceonept

    Just got a EDGE and I'm just joined

    Welcome. Your car looks great. Liking the all black look. Very sharp. Where are you? The pics look like you're somewhere in the US?
  10. niceonept

    What made you choose your Edge?

    Having to give up my company Mondeo I wanted to get a large SUV to replace it. I looked at, and test drove the following vehicles, the largest SUVs available in the UK: Jeep Grande Cherokee; Range Rover; Jaguar F Pace; Volvo XC90; VW Touareg; and Ford Edge. I chose the Edge because it provided me with what I was looking for at by far the best value. Was one of the best looking too. I had owned Fords for years (the car's layout, controls and features were all very familiar to me), found them to be very reliable and they had the largest dealer network with a dealership within a few miles.
  11. niceonept

    How many Fords have you owned?

    Interesting. Apparently Ford chose the name Mondeo to represent a "World Car" that would sold globally, yet when marketed in America they decided to rename it the Contour.
  12. niceonept

    I don't like the "new" Aviator" and "Corsair".

    We don't have either of these models in the UK. In fact we don't have any Lincolns - just Fords. But I do think the revised styling of these two is an improvement on the "bird-beak" front of the previous models but given the choice would always opt for the equivalent Ford as a better looking vehicle. Looks like the Corsair is a posh version of the Ford Kuga we get over here.
  13. niceonept

    How many Fords have you owned?

    Always interesting to see what cars people have owned in the US. None of these other than the Edge was available over here in the UK. Although he Contour does appear to be a US version of an early European Mondeo.
  14. niceonept

    How many Fords have you owned?

    Some nice old cars there. Do you have any pics of them?
  15. niceonept

    How many Fords have you owned?

    Wow, you still own 2 Edges, 2 F150s and a Mustang?? Cool. I barely have space here for my Edge and the wife's little Mini! Would love to own an F150.