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  1. niceonept

    Edge replacement

    More than happy with my Edge thanks. A larger and much better looking car than that.
  2. niceonept

    My '20 Edge ST Towing Experience

    Yep, agreed. Here's my only towing experience with the Edge so far. Similar.
  3. niceonept

    My other ride!

    Thanks. It's tidy and all original but far from show quality - just looked after. The wheels are showing their age with a fair bit of pitting and with spokes needing the constant attention of the oily rag. The twin discs at the front worked really well - in the dry. But in the wet they were lethal. The old twin leading shoe drums of the first 750J were much better, to be honesy. But it's not a problem now - modern brake pads and tyres make it stop and handle better than it ever did. And I never take it out in the wet now anyway!
  4. niceonept

    My other ride!

    Well if I said I've owned it since 1981 it'll give you an idea of how old I am too!
  5. niceonept

    My other ride!

    Thanks Ron. It's not new, or restored - just looked after during the 42 years I've owned it.
  6. niceonept

    My other ride!

  7. niceonept

    Big Hello

    Hi Michael. Welcome to the forum. Where in Germany are you? Even though its not an Edge we'd sure like to see a pic of your Explorer. I wasn't aware it was available in Germany.
  8. niceonept

    New owner in Ontario, Canada

    Welcome to the forum Steve. Hope you enjoy.
  9. Thank you. I've tried every single menu on the car, including the Navigation one, but to no avail. I was hoping someone might know if it could be changed using Forscan.
  10. Thanks, yes I've tried that but it doesn't work. The chime just doesn't last for long enough to coordinate increasing the volume at the same time.
  11. Does anyone know if it is possible to increase the volume of the chime that accompanies the flashing speed limit sign when drifting over the speed limit? I've found the setting to adjust the tolerance of the warning but not the volume of the chime, which is barely audible. Can it be done using ForScan?
  12. niceonept

    New guy from Wisconsin

    Welcome to the forum Jason. Hope you find it interesting and useful. If you have some photos of your Edge we'd love to see them.
  13. niceonept

    Here I am !

    Welcome to you and your lovely big orange car. Hope you enjoy the forum.
  14. Yes. As you can probably tell from my profile I love 1970s Japanese strokers. I can't believe I've now had that RD for 30 years! I bought it from my best mate's girlfriend at the time a year before my eldest son was born. Where does time go??
  15. Seeing lildisco's pics reminded me I used my Edge to tow a trailer for the first time a couple of weeks back.