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  1. Just received my H&R springs and I just ordered bilstien b6 rear shocks. I wasn’t able to get the matching front struts as there either out of stock or in back order. My question is should I install my spring’s with just the rear shocks or wait till I’m able to get my hands on the front strut’s and do everything at once? Thanks in advance
  2. Rudy1013

    Blaque Diamond 22" wheels

    Thank you
  3. Rudy1013

    Blaque Diamond 22" wheels

    Already found a pair
  4. Rudy1013

    Blaque Diamond 22" wheels

    Any rubbing or problems on any kind with that set up as I’m close to doing the same thing?
  5. Rudy1013

    Rim’s and tire’s

    I’m looking to pull the trigger on rim’s with the specs in the picture for my 2016 edge sport and pairing it with 275/40/22 tire’s. Can anyone tell if it’s possible or will I run into any problems any and all advice will be appreciated .