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  1. I've got. 2013 Ford Edge 2.0 Ecoboost Limited. Month ago oil pressure light/P2196 would come on. Car would die. I replaced purge valve, oil pressure switch, didn't help. Firestone said it was battery, new battery. 4 weeks later, same thing happening. I can't find any videos of the 2.0 bc the purge valve on this car is under driver seat. Firestone can't duplicate the issue. I saw TSB 13-12-12 online that sounds like my issue. When it happens the CEL comes on, then after a day or 2 of it not happening the CEL turns off. When in park, it starts and runs fine. If I fill up with gas, it won't start for 2 to 3 cranks, then every couple of days I'll be at a red-light, the rpms will start to drop, it idles extremely rough and if I don't Rev it back up, the car will die and I'll be stuck in traffic. They are going to keep my car overnight and try to duplicate it again tomorrow, but please tell me someone here with the 2.0 Ecoboost 2013 Ford Edge 70k+miles has experienced this and knows what the fix is. Noone can figure it out. Thank you for your time and any help is appreciated. I'm desperate.
  2. I ordered part bb5z-9g271-b, will be here next week. It kind of looked like gas vapors had accumulated under the engine cover bc the top of it looked wet in some spots. Was hard to tell what it was bc the purge valve made everything smell like gas. Fingers crossed this fixes my issue.
  3. I can't find the part. Autozone, advanced, etc. I see the solenoid under the hood but I'm not understanding how its connected. The part # says it's for an F150. 9F945. When I removed 2 of the connectors that snap on/off. One of them spilled gas from the hose. I have a GMC Acadia that did this and the part looks similar. Why is this info so impossible to find? Looks nothing like the valve in all the youtube videos from this year model. I'm sure that hose isn't supposed to leak gas tho. I'll attach pictures. If I buy a new one, the hose that says flammable, is it reusable or do I need that part as well? In the photo the hose with the white plastic on the end is the hose that leaked gas. .
  4. I drove my wife's car today. When I put gas in the car, soon as I insert gas nozzle, I hear a hissing sound like it's relieving pressure. All the videos online show a purge valve under the hood. The 2 0 Ecoboost doesn't have that part. Think it's a fuel pressure sensor? Or do I need that spider leg looking assembly on the engine that includes the fuel purge valve? Bc I replaced what i thought was the purge valve under the driver seat. I just don't know why there is absolutely no info on the 2 0 Edge, only the V6 with purge valve under the hood.
  5. Mileage is around 72k. Oil is usually 5w30, serviced regularly. Never had any issues other than the door ajar light, rear driver side. Wife doesn't know what brand they put in it when it's changed. It's changed every 3 to 4k miles. I can't read the code bc I don't have a port. Mechanic can't get it to replicate to pull a code. They've had it for 2 days. Last code I was able to get from it before they replaced the battery was the o2 bank sensor code, p2196 I think? But that hasn't popped up since battery was replaced. Just called the dealership. They can't even look at it until August 25th. That was the earliest appointment they had.