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  1. Ended up taking Edge to local Ford dealer since I didn't want just any old shop trying to figure it out. Turns out it was a lower AC line leaking. They said it was not easy to replace but would get it fixed. Time to go work some overtime to pay the bill. LR
  2. I have owned my Edge for three weeks now. This car looks like new with 91K miles. Parked car last night and A/C was blowing ice cold. This morning only hot air. I don't think the compressor is coming on. I checked the owners manual and all the fuses that are marked A/C are still good. Any suggestions before I take it in to the the Ford house to be checked out. I did read a dozen or so threads before making my post on A/C problems. Thanks.
  3. lesrub

    2013 Engine cover nut

    Thank you sir.
  4. lesrub

    2013 Engine cover nut

    I noticed last night I am missing a nut that is on the front side of the black engine cover. Tried looking it up and it says "nut", but no size, I tried every nut in my stash but nothing fit. Can anyone tell me what size that nut is and I will go by the hardware store and pick one up or is it some special nut you can only get from Ford? Thanks.
  5. lesrub

    How do I align front bumper? 2014 Ford Edge

    My sons does the same thing. Hopefully someone has some tips.
  6. Received. It fits but not recommended with use of crossbars. More for looks in my case.
  7. Can the roof rails be added to an Edge with the Vista Panaramic roof?
  8. lesrub

    New to the Edge game

    It looks good to me. BTW, yours is the first I've seen with the grill color matched. All I have seen in these models are chrome. I bought my first Edge last week. It is a 2013. Enjoy and keep us posted.
  9. lesrub

    2013 lower valance removal challenge

    Valance is replaced and looks like new. Removing the factory corner rivets was a pain but got it done the old fashion way, with a small hacksaw blade and patience. Probably other ways to do it, but it worked and I didn't have to go buy anything else. BTW, I replaced the valance with an aftermarket one for $60 bucks on EB and it fit perfect. Used heavy-duty zip ties instead of buying the Ford rivets or aftermarket rivets. Could also use small bolts, nuts, and washers instead of the zip ties. Overall took about two hours. Now the goal is to keep it from getting damaged again.
  10. lesrub

    2013 ford edge emblem rear liftgate

    Thank you sir. It's nice that you don't need to remove the liftgate inner panel but you are putting a lot of faith in the 3m glue to hold it in place. The front emblem has two nuts to secure in place and the 3m glue backing.
  11. lesrub

    2013 lower valance removal challenge

    OK I found on a Ford parts finder site the part. HM2 looks like some form of pop rivet with a flared wing-nut. I'm assuming I will need to cut them off and replace with a regular bolt and nut. Looks like I will need to make a run by the Ford dealer to make sure.
  12. lesrub

    2013 lower valance removal challenge

    No sir those I can easily remove. I will have to take a picture I guess. These have a three sided wing-nut and bolt that spins and looks like it is pressed on from the factory. As I stated, I have never seen this type of bolt clip setup. I will try and find a picture of them.
  13. lesrub

    2013 lower valance removal challenge

    Wrong car, wrong bolt and nut that I am referring to. The retainers I am referring to are at the very corner left and right of the valance. Thanks anyway.
  14. So far I have not had much success in getting responses from this forum on my new Edge. Maybe my luck will change on this question. The lower valance is damaged and I bought a replacement. No issues removing the black push pin connectors and screws. But there are two unusual connectors on the very outer end of each side of the valance that I cant figure out how to remove. I have never seen these type before. They have a wing-nut on one end and it just spins. Maybe they are pressed on from Ford? Surely someone can chime in on this as thousands of these have been replaced over the years. I did try to search for the answer before I posted but no luck. Thanks. LR
  15. Didn't see a video on how to remove and replace the OEM emblem on YT. Mine has seen better days. Any help is appreciated. LR