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  1. Jeff Alan

    2022 Edge timetable

    Doesn't look like it: * New Colors — Stone Blue Metallic (C8) — Forged Green Metallic (L9) * Deleted Colors — Desert Gold — Ford Performance — Lithium Gray
  2. Jeff Alan

    2022 Edge Colors

    I got the new green, but if anyone has the equivalent of the new blue I'd be interested in seeing it.
  3. Jeff Alan

    2022 Edge timetable

    I pasted a picture of the Forged Green in a new topic if you haven't seen it yet.
  4. Jeff Alan

    2022 Edge Colors

    Here's a picture from Ford of the Forged Green (Titanium). Have other views too.
  5. Jeff Alan

    Ford Visa Credit Card

    Has anyone gotten the Ford Visa credit card? I want to use it for my down payment (says you can do up to $3000) and I applied. But they mailed back and said they need my SS card, DL, and W2's. I have excellent credit and am used to instant approval for everything--this seems crazy. Anyone have similar or different experiences? I'm also wondering if it would go better if I applied when I go pay for the car.
  6. Jeff Alan

    2022 Edge timetable

    Ordered a 2022 on Sep 20 and the build is (currently) scheduled for week of Nov 1.
  7. Jeff Alan

    2021 Edge order canceled

    I'm planning on using X plan. I just ordered one and the order printout has the X plan price on it. I'm also expecting (based on salesperson info) to get the $1000 off for custom ordering.
  8. Jeff Alan

    2022 Edge timetable

    I went with the green Titanium. Forged Green looks pretty good on the Explorer and want something different. Not sure what Stone Blue is like. Good luck.
  9. Jeff Alan

    2022 Edge timetable

    I ordered my 2022 this week and got confirmation email from Ford. Job 1 date I can find on the web is Oct 18th.