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  1. It’s in the tank, but it doesnt normally doesn’t need to be changed.
  2. akirby

    Mustang Parts for Sport?

    You'll get far more bang for the buck trading it for a 2015 Sport and adding a simple tune.
  3. akirby

    Honk honk feature?

    Just don’t shut the door all the way. Problem solved.
  4. It only shows your own, not others. You could ping Robert to try and change it.
  5. It changes every time the software gets updated. I gave up trying to keep track of it.
  6. akirby

    AWD2016 PTU Casing>>> !Cracked!

    Don’t think I’ve heard of a PTU case cracking. That sounds like an impact of some kind unless it totally grenaded inside. As for the lifetime fluid (which really means 150k), an engineer told me the fluid was fine for that long if it didn’t overheat. The problem seems to be the tolerance of the parts sometimes adds up to too much friction and therefore heat which kills the fluid. Seems plausible to me.
  7. Most adhesive kits use rubbing alcohol.
  8. I was wrong - this is for the door ajar issue.
  9. Just call your dealer.
  10. It should not be shifting that hard. Do you have it in D or S?
  11. Not how adaptive learning works. It adjusts shift pressure to keep performance within factory spec. It doesn’t adjust to driving styles.
  12. Daughter had a 2012 SEL that she totaled within 6 months and replaced it with another 2012 SEL. The TCM went out almost stranding her. Otherwise there was some shuddering but it wasn't constant. We ended up trading it in on the 2016 MKX and giving her our old Escape.
  13. The real problem was the 3.5L was designed as a replacement for the 3.0L but in smaller transverse vehicles they simply ran out of room for the external water pump. It was far cheaper to relocate it than redesign the engine bay. And by all accounts the problem seems to be the internal gears which were substandard and which were replaced later in production. Its easy to say something is stupid in hindsight but 33+ years in IT has taught me that it’s almost always a series of decisions that made sense at the time. The exception is the focus dual clutch tranny which was destined to fail from day one and everyone knew it but were afraid to change it.
  14. akirby

    Better check that spare!

    It needs to be 60. I usually go 65 to have more of a buffer in case I forget to check it for awhile. Remember that narrow tire has to support the same weight and load as the full sized tire.