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  1. This TSB is only applicable to 2015-2017. It’s not an extended warranty - it’s subject to the normal warranty coverage if you have a leak. There could be a different TSB for the 2019s or they may already have the updated pan.
  2. akirby

    Edge replacement

    Someone mentioned this might be a good replacement for both Fusion and Edge buyers. How would you guys feel about it?
  3. I have the same problem when taking corners briskly, driving more than 5 miles over the limit or speeding up to make it through a yellow light. I thought about getting rid of it but that would cost me half of everything I own. 😂😉
  4. akirby

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    Sync 4 fixed that on our Nautilus - it’s on the small inset screen.
  5. akirby

    2024 Titanium - Under hood questions

    Yes it’s normal and yes it can be added if you can find one. At least that used to be the case. They started deleting them a few years ago.
  6. This is the same bad valve issue (incorrect heat treatment by the supplier) that affected the Broncos. They’re just expanding the scope to other vehicles. The ones that fail do it early so most have already been replaced under warranty.
  7. akirby

    Battery light comes on with new battery

    Just FYI - it’s not a battery light and it doesn’t mean the battery is bad. It’s a check charging system light and it means the alternator isn’t charging the battery properly. It doesn’t mean anything unless the engine is running so fix that first.
  8. akirby


    I don’t see why not
  9. akirby

    Spare tire

    It’s possible the factory mini spare is 17” not 18”. Only one way to find out.
  10. akirby

    Spare tire

    According to tirerack.com 18” wheels fit Edge ST AWD with either the standard or upgraded brakes.
  11. Buy your own digital tester like the Solar BA7 or have it tested at autozone, etc. Make sure they test CCAs.
  12. A tune is by far the best option. https://www.fordedgeforum.com/forum/86-tuning/
  13. The problem is drunk drivers rarely kill only themselves. They usually kill innocent people. There really isn’t any other way to prevent it.
  14. akirby

    Tire Options for stock 245/60/18

    I’ve never gotten more than 30k out of low profile OEM tires.
  15. Nautilus will be available as a hybrid. Might be worth a look.