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  1. Probably got a software update overnight.
  2. akirby

    Tailgate foot switch-turn it off!

    Don’t keep the key in your pocket. It only works if the key is within 3 feet of the hatch.
  3. Hi, I got 2012 Edge with US specifications. Recently got water-pump and condensor repalced...also the AWD propellor was removed as it had some damage. However, there is continuous squeaking noise from rear wheels when in motion, and once brakes are applied the noise stops (if the brakes are applied lightly, the noise kind of becomes worse). What could be the issue? One local mechanic suggested to me that wheel bearings need to be changed.

  4. Larger studs require more torque.
  5. Its still there via the touch screen. Or you can download it and save it on your phone. Or just print out the things you might need.
  6. Manuals are free at owner.ford.com and www.motorcraftservice.com.
  7. akirby

    Engine Questions - Very Frustrated

    The original block flaw does not cause failure that quickly. They botched the new engine install. Probably messed up the head gasket.
  8. akirby

    Advanced Search

    You can search for a member in the search box by changing the search for topics to members
  9. akirby

    Advanced Search

    You stalking me, bro? 😂😎
  10. akirby

    Engine Questions - Very Frustrated

    Very common problem if you read through the forum. You should have no issues with anything else but I would have the transmission fluid changed and if it’s AWD get that fluid changed too.
  11. Or the compressor or some other part is bad.
  12. akirby

    Airbag light on

    Well there’s your 1%. Glad you got it fixed.
  13. akirby

    Airbag light on

    Voltage means nothing. 99% your battery is toast. That was a classic symptom in 1st Gen fusions. Have the CCAs checked with a digital tester. If it’s not the battery it might be the connections/cables or grounds.
  14. Asking you to dial it back a little is power tripping? It’s called moderating. You keep apologizing for acting like a dick (your words) but you keep doing it over and over. You’re welcome to stay if you’ll just dial back the personal attacks.