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  1. Its very easy to change.... or just clean it. The actuator is right next to your knee or ankle... Take off the bottom plastic panal and the lower steering column plastic. There will 3 screws holding on the actuator. Top left one will be covered in a wire bundle, just move aside. The top right is easy. The bottom right is harder for sure, long screw driver.... and then the wire connector is easy. After out, you can pull the actuator apart, little plastic tabs, that you will break hold the thing together... open it up and clean the whole thing with rubbing alcohol. The grease screws with the pot in there. Then put it back together. I had to use some superglue. Plug it in, then run the heater and ac controls and you should feel it move.... then reinstall. After I did mine, it lasted a few days, long enough to amazon me a new for less then 30$. I replaced the old one in 25 mins, in the street, in the dark.... worked great so far, a month now....
  2. Heat blend works great. Defrost on front window and floors don't work. I ripped into this last night and neither of the actuators on the driver's side seem to move. Seems odd to me that both would stop working at the same time. I pulled the fuse on the climate control and no diff. Also, I pulled the pos off the batt for an hour, no diff. I played with the bottom actuator, seems to be the floors, and I can hear a slight air flow from the floor vent, so I'm assuming that the bottom is the floor blend... I read that the top one on the driver side, sucks to get to, is the defrost blend. I cannot find a decent wire diagram for these actuators. I would like the see if I'm getting voltage to them. Maybe I'm missing a fuse?. Or something is unplugged.... This is my wife's car and gets foggy in there and I want to stay married.... 😀 Please help....