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  1. MelissaInParts

    2019 Edge "rocking" while AC on

    P.S. I can only confirm these facts: 1. Only happens when A/C is on and stops/starts back when toggling A/C power 2. Switching off Auto Stop/Start does not affect it at all. 3. I have notice no RPM changes while it is occurring. 4. No Error Codes
  2. MelissaInParts

    2019 Edge "rocking" while AC on

    My 2020 Edge is doing the same thing. We found [somewhere else] online where a tech reset the PCM and TCM and that fixed the issue. However, our tech here (I work at a Ford dealership) cleared the transmission tables on mine - it fixed the issue for about 2 weeks (was completely gone). Now it is slowing coming back...more each day. By "more" I just mean it started coming back barely noticeable and is slowly increasing. He is now going to discuss with another senior tech to see what they are going to try next...he's contemplating updating the TCM this time. Any input from you folks?