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  1. You can't take a video of it really. It's very random as well. Only happens with uneven road surfaces...
  2. Ever since I got my 2019 Edge, I've noticed something weird when I am turning, accelerating briskly, and the road is uneven (like a hump) ; my steering wheel will vibrate like the lane departure warning went off. The lane departure system is off, and I have no lights coming on with traction control issues. Condition of the road does not matter. It just has something to do with the "hump" in the road? Anyone else have this and know what it is? It's really weird.
  3. IcyFridge

    FS: 15-19 Edge SE CCI Imposter Black wheel skins

    BUMP - price dropped to $50 shipped.
  4. The headlights on my 2019 (LED) are quite nice in spread, but lacking in intensity. High beam is quite decent but doesn't have much distance. With all the deer on my drive to work (5AM) and trips to the hunting cabin 2 hours away--- I really want to mount a set of auxilary lights on my 2019. I have no fog lights either. Are there any hood hinge mounts (preferred) that I can find or have someone make? Or any kind of light bar that mounts on the bumper easily? I don't want one of those license plate brackets, because I'm thinking that with the plastic bumper construction... it would just bounce the lights all over the place. Or anyone actually mount a nice looking setup in the blank foglight housing?
  5. Selling 2015-2019 Ford Edge SE (5-spoke 18") IMP429BLK CCI Imposter Wheel skins in gloss black. I used these for about 2 months and took them off before the winter salt came here in NY. I'm finding I like my silver wheel look better. Hoping someone here can benefit from this more than I. They are in near perfect shape and are in the original box and wrapped up now. Here's the product page: http://coast2coastinternational.com/product/imp429blk/ Asking $55 (PayPal only) shipped anywhere in CONUS. If using PayPal G&S, $60 will do it. (They cost me $90 shipped via Amazon)
  6. IcyFridge

    Temp control light

    Can anyone with a SE confirm if there's a light there on the heat dial? I keep thinking it's supposed to be there but not sure.
  7. I second pencil erasers.
  8. Is there supposed to be a light for the "notch" on my temperature knob? It's awful hard to see at night.
  9. IcyFridge

    Side Mirror drip

    Anyone have a remedy for the side view mirrors dripping water over a long period of time? For example, I did a full wash and detail on my Edge last weekend. Even one day later, closing the front doors will cause water to drip out onto the body from the side mirrors. I had the same issue with my old Jeep JK and drilled a hole under the mirror plastic to help it drain. Think that would do the trick here?
  10. I know this is older, but wanted to state that peanut butter works for this as well.
  11. IcyFridge

    Aftermarket Grille options for 2019

    More black on the way. I have a set of imposter wheel skins coming in. Thought $90 shipped would be better than $800+ for aftermarket wheels.
  12. On my Focus I was able to display the instant MPG on Trip 1, but with the Edge I have to navigate back to Fuel Economy and then click a few times to check instant MPG. I wish I could see the instant mpg by simply pressing up in Trip 1 as I usually leave my display on the speedometer. Anyone know a button trick and/or Forscan hack to change the trip time to instant MPG like in the image? Bonus question: any way to reset mpg for the life of the vehicle under the four way screen of the Fuel Economy portion?
  13. IcyFridge

    2015-2018 (?) Stealthbox is here!

    I wonder if models without upgraded speakers have to be wired, or is the wiring already there for plugging in an amp?
  14. IcyFridge

    Aftermarket Grille options for 2019

    Correct. Taste is the answer here. I ordered the SE over the SEL merely to have less chrome. I do wish I had heated seats and sync 3, but black trim done right just is sexy to me.
  15. IcyFridge

    2019 Sync 1 - no date setting?

    I don't have Nav on my 4" sync. So it still has GPS?