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  1. IcyFridge

    AGS disable 2019+

    I unplugged it on my Focus ST and it made highway drives much more effortless. heat wave or not, they close when not in boost causing IAT to climb. I have a gauge so I can actually see the temps dropping when Iโ€™m in boost. As soon as you let off the gas, the temps increase rapidly. Having the shutters open keeps the temps low.
  2. IcyFridge

    AGS disable 2019+

    For a little MPG loss, the air shutters to the inter cooler will always be open keeping maximum airflow to it. Less heat soak that way.
  3. IcyFridge

    AGS disable 2019+

    I know I could always have LMS disable the AGS on my 2019 SE (2.0). However, on my Focus ST I unplugged the AGS system and was wondering if there was something similar to that on the 2019 Edge? I donโ€™t want to be ripping parts off just to look for a plug. Anyone know a location?
  4. Is there some reason Switchbacks are not shown when I search for a 2019+ edge front turn signals? I use the base model with no LED DRL strip. I'd LOVE to get my parking lights to be white to match the headlights and flash amber when turning. The bulb seems to be a 7440.
  5. IcyFridge

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    Ugh... If you made this for the 2019, you'd make a killing... starting with me!
  6. IcyFridge

    MAP sensor location?

    I had an aFe Pro Dry S for a long time and went with K&N for a little more power but it seems to have made my idle rough after a few hundred miles and I used to average 26-28mpg mixed and now get 19-21. I'm running the same tune and same exhaust. New tires should not make it idle rough. Only thing that changed under the hood was the K&N. I have about 14,500 miles on my Edge.
  7. IcyFridge

    MAP sensor location?

    Correct. I'm trying to find that location.
  8. IcyFridge

    MAP sensor location?

    I bought a K&N drop in a few months back and lately my 2.0 2019 Edge has had a little rougher idle and getting significantly less MPG. I think the oil from the filter has dirtied the MAP sensor. I am going back to my aFe Dryflow S, but I'd like to check/clean the MAP. Where is it located? Is it that plug right after the air box? I keep seeing a box shaped unit online which doesn't look like that plug I'm referring to. Any help here?
  9. IcyFridge

    2019 Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck

  10. Just saw this video and I wonder if the silver trim and buttons are removable? I'd like to vinyl wrap mine to protect it.
  11. IcyFridge

    Lug torque for aftermarket wheels

    If only America was the same. Tire Shops here either overtighten or scratch your wheels and deny it. The local Tire Shop that I use was dumbfounded at 162 ft/lb.
  12. IcyFridge

    Lug torque for aftermarket wheels

    So you think 150 would be fine? I'm sure it's not gonna go anywhere with that much. Tire shops do what? 100?
  13. IcyFridge

    Lug torque for aftermarket wheels

    I looked up the torque values for the thread and it's 85-95 ft/lb for 14x1.5 thread. Ford has the f150 do 150 ft/lb. I guess I'll stick with 150 because that's as high as my torque wrench will go. It also depends on the strength of the lugs as well. Method wheels are supposed to be strong, so I'll test that theory out. Ill have to worry about the lugs themselves.
  14. IcyFridge

    Lug torque for aftermarket wheels

    I saw that thread as well. That's for OEM aluminum wheels. If I had OEM aluminum, I'd have no problem going to 162 ft/lb. However, Methods are flow formed lightweight aluminum and very expensive! I don't even know if the lug nuts they provide can handle that torque either. I asked about the lug nuts, and Method once again said "95 lb/ft max". Sounds like they're playing by the book. I guess I can always try something in the middle around 120 ft/lb.... Hell... The F-450 is rated for 140 ft/lb!