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  1. IcyFridge

    265/60-18 on 2019?

    Looking at a set of OEM sized Wildpeak AT Trails or debating going to 265/60R18. No lift and stock wheels. Will this work.
  2. IcyFridge

    DIY Turbo Swap?

    What year is your Edge, and why are you switching out the turbo? If you are going to a bigger turbo, I don't think you'd gain any power as a tune is required. Livernois is the only company that I know of that works with the 2.0 Edge, and I'm not sure if they will do work with a non-factory turbo. If it's a stock turbo swap, I'm not exactly sure what the process entails. I'm thinking that you'd have to pull the motor to access the turbo?
  3. IcyFridge

    Downgrade 4" Sync to 3.3?

    Update: my Edge is still in the shop. I have threatened lemon law. Ford sent the dealer three APIM directly from the factory and they all have the same issue. I'm thinking they'll need to write a new firmware from scratch. At this point, I'm just ready to give up and live with it.
  4. The factory fogs are indeed LED but they're proprietary and can't be swapped out. I'm driving a 2020 loaner now and the fogs are decent but not what I'm looking for. All they do is light up the front quarters of the vehicle. No distance nor front emission.
  5. IcyFridge

    Downgrade 4" Sync to 3.3?

    Yeah. Also it's an issue I can live with. It's not like it's impairing my ability to do anything.
  6. IcyFridge

    Downgrade 4" Sync to 3.3?

    If they offered a buyback I wouldn't do that. I like my Edge and already have done mods to it. It is new with 14k miles. If it was stock, I'd probably do it.
  7. IcyFridge

    Downgrade 4" Sync to 3.3?

    What do you mean?
  8. IcyFridge

    Downgrade 4" Sync to 3.3?

    The first loaner was a 2020 Escape SE which ran smooth and quick with the 1.5L, second loaner was a fully loaded Edge SEL (I drive a SE) and that was awesome with leather seats and panoramic roof, and the recent loaner is another Escape SE but this one has bad engine vibration at idle. I'm now back in my Edge until the Sync engineers figure something out.
  9. IcyFridge

    Downgrade 4" Sync to 3.3?

    Still don't have it back. Ford Engineer came to see my car in person and has looped in the software engineers. They've already replaced the APIM 3 times including one from HQ directly. I'm starting to get irked.
  10. IcyFridge

    Downgrade 4" Sync to 3.3?

    Nope. They said that an Engineer is looking closely into it.
  11. In the other thread, he says it is a bolt. It shows a bolt sticking through the cover in one of the pictures as well.
  12. IcyFridge

    Downgrade 4" Sync to 3.3?

    Yeah, I can see that. I've been away from my Edge for a total of maybe 2 weeks now.
  13. Now you need to find part numbers of the engine cover and all related hardware. 😉
  14. IcyFridge

    Downgrade 4" Sync to 3.3?

    Now why can't a dealer do this? They still have my Edge. Tomorrow will be a week. Longest I've been without a vehicle before.