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  1. I used to think that Raybestos was to way to go, but not after taking the suggestion from an experienced mechanic told me about EBC. I installed the best rotors on my '09 Escape along with "Orange Stuff" pads (semi Metalic) and like... WoW! These brakes really grip and as you push further into the pedal they progressively bite even harder. I now have full confidence in the brakes knowing that I can rely on them. Granted there is more brake dust as result of me choosing the semi-metalic option. As for the $2500 performance brake option from a factory order, this is obviously over priced for what you are getting. I live in Canada and we do not have that option when ordering a new Edge St... From what I have read, the difference is size of discs and performance pads along with red calipers. Otherwise, the calipers are the same model. You can paint your calipers red for that "wow" factor with a kit for approx $60 on Amazon. I have a 2022 Edge ST on order, "Agate Black" and plan to paint my calipers soon after taking delivery and upgrade rotors to EBC on first brake change so it may be a while on the change.