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  1. 2015Edge2015

    2015 fwd model TRANSMISSION #?

    There's a 6F35 and 6F50. How do you know what you have? I'm looking to replace my PASSANGER side cv shaft seal at the engine connection. [Transaxle]? Don't know what's the name. Anyone have a link? Amazon has it but not sure what tranny I have.
  2. What determines the size for this car. I have a 2015 edge titanium FWD. Buying FRONT rotors for it but I'm given a choice of a 315mm or 345mm size. Any idea without taking the wheel off and measuring?
  3. 2015Edge2015

    Liftgate malfunction

    Odd issue. Wouldn't know what is causing that. Maybe someone else can help.
  4. 2015Edge2015

    Liftgate malfunction

    Watch this. Might help you. https://youtu.be/znnJrlpku-U
  5. 2015Edge2015

    Liftgate malfunction

    No. That's power. You said you don't have the power one. So no.
  6. 2015Edge2015

    Liftgate malfunction

    Awesome. Yeah, easy 20 min job. Glad it worked. Hardest part doing the job myself was installing the panel back since you have to align the plastic knobs and the thing moves around. But I've had zero issues so far myself and now happy to know it's a easy job if it fails again down the road. And the part cost isn't bad compared to the dealer cost for OEM, think it's around 375$ to 400$ I think.
  7. 2015Edge2015

    Liftgate malfunction

    How did it go. Did it fix your issue? Mines still working flawless.
  8. 2015Edge2015

    Liftgate malfunction

    Good luck. It should work. Mines has been FLAWLESS since its been replaced. Carefull 8nstalling it. Keep it clean. I believe its returnable according to the listing. Just in casr it doesnt fix yours.
  9. 2015Edge2015

    Liftgate malfunction

    That link is exactly the one i bought. And yes... 2015 Titanium.
  10. 2015Edge2015

    Liftgate malfunction

  11. 2015Edge2015

    Liftgate malfunction

    Ok. I ended up buying the lock on ebay for 90$. Took me 25 minutes to throw it in. Fixed my issue. Just so everyone knows.
  12. Wondering since I get a slight stumble in idle once in a while and noticed there a good amount of blowback if I removed the district. Enough to spit out fine particles of oil. Makes me wonder since every so and then when I turn off the engine, I get a random very short "honk buzz" noise that comes from the engine bay. It does it 2 times usually. Make me wonder is the pcv is to blame.
  13. Update. Had the tranny fixed. :). 4400$ and it was rebuild with a new torque converter. Runs good again. Also experimented with Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealant. It actually worked and still working. Been 2 weeks since I followed the instructions on the bottle and CEL cleared and isn't loosing water. I know it's your miles will vary with these products. But did read somewhere a guy used it for his ecoboost and lasted 9 months. Crossing my fingers. This car deserves another shot!
  14. No. Torque converter and highly recommended to rebuild it. There's a slight noise coming from the inside. 2 shops already looked at it and both said absolutely rebuild it. 4400$ to do it from a independant shop. One of the shop was the dealer. They quoted me for all the job of Tranny and Long block. 21k . Hahahahahhaha! Found it hilarious. Loved driving these cars since 2013. But I must part now.
  15. LOL. My transmission just gave out. Ok........ I'm done. Nice interacting with you guys through out the years. Good luck all!