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    2.0L Ecoboost Coolant Leak - Engine replacement

    Sorry.. I'm a total noob to this. When you said everything but the manifold and intake manifolds.... you mean the turbo also gets replaced? I want to be clear on the turbo since lots of people say that it goes bad and it's expensive to replace.
  2. 2015Edge2015

    2.0L Ecoboost Coolant Leak - Engine replacement

    I hear good stuff on blue devil. Scared to try it! Business at 150k and started to show all the symptoms. So I know I need a new engine. And doing the same... just add the water that it looses and crossing my fingers it lasts longer.
  3. 2015Edge2015

    2.0L Ecoboost Coolant Leak - Engine replacement

    Quick question. If rhe 2.0L get the long block replacement, what exactly gets replaced? Do you essentially get a brand new engine? Like the top end head gets replaced aswell with a new head and valves? What gets reused? Like does the turbo also get replaced with a new one or do they reinstall your old turbo? Debating if the 8k is worth dropping for it or just move one from the car.
  4. If anyone can clarify this question, would help a lot. So i purchase the right one.
  5. Do you have the titanium version with dual climate control? If so...the driver side like you stated is what you change right? The Amazon link to the door man has reviews with people saying to change both sides. I thought there's only 1 side [driver side]
  6. Hi guys. But confused which to buy. I'm aware I need the mode version. But reading on the Amazon Doorman one. People are saying that you need to replace both. Driver and passenger side. I thought theres only 1 module on the driver side. I have the titanium build with the dual climate control. Can someone clarify... and so you all know...... mines is stick at the front vents and no buttons on the touch screen do anything.
  7. Thanks for clarification. To understand it fully, there are 2 modules or does the trim model dictate the module you have to buy?
  8. Awesome. Thank you! Notice the rock auto doesn't have that white arm. Is that because you can reuse the old one? About to order it. But confused on what's the correct one. Some are labeled as heater control and others as dual climate door actuator. Do they all do the same or do I have to get a specific one. I have the titanium model with dual climate control.
  9. Can you link the Amazon you bought? Many thanks!
  10. Oh good news. So no dash removal. I checked the Oreily store and also online. There's 2 different versions. One has a arm and the other dont. Do you guys have a link to the proper one?
  11. Exact same issue this morning! Does anyone have a pic of the actuator wire lication? And have you guys fixed it with replacing the actuator? Mines is stuck on forward dash vents only. Will not switch to anything. Has zero clicks or thumps. Just nothing. But it does change temperature normaly. Also... is there a reset we can try to perform by pressing a combination of buttons for a few seconds? Or that doesn't exist?
  12. This just happened to me this morning. Was hoping someone would shed some light I to what possible has failed. Exact same symptoms as yours. Di you resolve yours? I did the fuse pull aswell and digging around for solutions.
  13. 2015Edge2015

    2.0L Ecoboost Coolant Leak - Engine replacement

    I'm in the same boat with you. Exact. Mines seems to eat about 1/4 a cup of coolan daily. So takes about a week to see a drop that's half a inch below the line. I'm thinking of just driving it and add water once a week. This possibly will be my last ford.
  14. 2015Edge2015

    2.0L Ecoboost Coolant Leak - Engine replacement

    Hi guys, had to sign up to report. I just got hit with the slowly missing coolant myself last week. No external leaks. Some of you have reported a steady dripping stream ffaucetsound inside the dash. I got that as well. Notice that happens after the coolant goes low a bit. Top it off and the sound is gone. But now I'm looking at a crazy high bill! What's the average cost and have any of you gotten help from Ford themselves with the cost? I'm aware of the lawsuit since lots of owner are getting bit by this. https://www.lieffcabraser.com/defect/ford-coolant/ My main question is what I said above. How much out of pocket and has fors done anything for good of faith in helping?