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  1. Hello, is the 3rd brake light up in the spoiler LED or traditional halogen? Was doing a basic inspection of my car after doing maintenance and saw a few lights in my 3rd brake light are out. From what I can tell, its a sealed unit with an LED chipset inside. However when I look it up online, it comes up with an actual halogen bulb that matches the parking/plate/house lights. There's my conflict, Thanks yall, cheers
  2. UnholyDjMiku

    black grill for 2010 Edge

    Hey bud, you probably have found a grille by now or have gotten it Plasti dipped/vynil wrapped by now but hop on google and look up black grilles for your edge, i got mine off Google and the only thing i had to reuse was the clips on the bottom of the grill where they attach to the bumper cover, take them off the old grill and pop them in place, attach it and slap it back on the car. took me about 30 minutes to install and im quite satisfied, below is a picture of how my build currently sits good luck, cheers
  3. Hello, im new to the forum, 3rd owner of a 2007 Edge with 210k on the clock, bought it with 190k. All tips, tricks, and informative Advice are all welcome. Down the road i plan on swapping in a high output 3.5l v6 ecoboost and converting the drivetrain to AWD. some lowering springs, do some custom lightning and rims followed by an exhaust. Its currently Na and within the next couple months i plan on going somewhere local and getting it tuned om the factory PCM. Yes ik this car is not meant to have a turbo engine put in, ive already accepted the custom fabrication and wiring that will go into the swap, again if anyone has advice feel free to drop it below in the responses/comments.