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  1. Update finally done. It was a lil hectic. The entire floor console was removed. The APIM is buried under the HVAC duct as shown above. Both front seats were also removed for ease of access. 1. The OEM sync harness is too short to reach the back of the new APIM. Pull through the right side underneath the front display trim panel and right side of the ACM, it will reach just above the ACM. Connect the harness extension to the OEM harness and plug it to the sync 3 APIM. Your new sync USB will be connected using the same route. Discard the old USB. You would need a new USB hub inside the armrest compartment. You would also need a new harness extension kit. Just plug in only the APIM connection. Cut off the rest of it, ie the harness extensions to the bezel, ACM. If you need video camera input, buy a harness with a camera input. Already in reverse, I see camera not available. I will provide further updates after I install my camera.
  2. Thanks! Found the location. I have to take out the floor console to find it
  3. I took the center console apart today. Opened the right ie passenger panel and top and rear. Couldn’t see any APIM there. I could not open the driver side center/floor console panel cos i would have needed to take out the chair for better access. Please could you find any diagrams or manual information describing the location of the APIM in the base model? Please someone help me locate this APIM. Thanks
  4. Thanks. The fusion equipments look similar to mine. My APIM is not located where that in the fusion is, so I may have to take the console apart to find it.
  5. It has sync 2 according to Ford, ie SYNC with MYFORD. It has the same sync version as that in the SEL of same model year, except for the touchscreen. THANKS
  6. Back of my 4inch screen, the picture was not posted successfully in previous post
  7. Thanks for your kind and prompt response. The first picture attached below is the back of my current 4inch screen. The 2014 Edge SE model does not have the type of APIM that is attached to the back of the 8inch screen(on SEL and ltd/sport models). If it does have a similar APIM, it is not attached to the back of the 4inch screen. The 2nd pic is the Sync 3 APIM and screen I want to install. The space in the back of the 4inch screen shown in photo is where the small harness plug-in, in my initial picture inserts into. What I need to find is where the large harness receptacle, shown besides the 4inch screen plug-in above, (ie in my very first photo) should plug into. In this 4D tech video, that module is located under the glove box in the 2015+ models. I did not find any such modules or plug-in under my glovebox when I removed it to look under the dash. The item, where 4D tech plugs in the conversion harness under the glovebox is what I need to find in my 2014 SE model. Thanks!
  8. Hello, thank you for your help and kindness. I see you upgraded from a 4.2 inch screen. I intend to do the same on my 2014 Edge SE. I’ve purchased everything I need for the sync 3 upgrade including the wiring harness. My problem is I don’t know the location of the sync module in the 2014 Edge SE. I’ve searched online and looked under the dropped glove box to no avail. The factory harness/plug-in that goes into the back of my 4.2 inch does not fit the purchased harness receptacle(too small, see attached photo). I watched a video from 4D tech similar upgrade for 2015-18, and the purchased harness plugs in at the sync module located under the glovebox, but this module isn’t present under my 2014 SE glovebox, or I have not been able to locate it there yet. I took out the glove box to check but found nothing similar. Also took out the radio(ACM) and there isn’t any separate sync module in the center dash either. I see that the 4inch screen appears attached to some plastic part similar to the APIM attachment in models factory equipped with the 8inch screen. Is that the APIM for the SE and the only “sync module” on the SE?? I just need to locate the module with the plug-in that goes into the conversion harness illustrated as “sync 1 module harness” on my second attached picture and I can handle the rest. Thanks for helping. Jon