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    Issues posting images

    I have been having similar issues. After reducing the file size and attempting to upload, the photo shows as blank (upload failed) and a dialog box states there was an issue uploading. Is there a way to reach out to site admin for support?
  2. Hello Everybody! I bought my 2018 Edge Sport used from a dealership in November of 2021. It had 47k miles on it and came from Pennsylvania. It has the 2.7L TT motor and AWD. I wanted something with nice features, interior space, decent performance in stock form, and options for upgraded performance; the Edge seemed to check all the boxes! As somebody who has always enjoyed modifying his vehicles, I have found some cars do not have many reasonable options for upgrades. I first came across the Ford Edge Forum when I was doing my “pre-purchase” research on the car and looking to see what kind of potential it had. I was excited to find that there are many people who have been vetting parts and developing upgrades for the Edge platform. Even better was that these people have been sharing their work on the forum. This forum, and the availability of information for upgrading/working on the Edge were big factors on my choice to purchase an Edge. In March of 2022, I purchased a Livernois Tuner used from the classifieds section of this forum. My experience with Livernois has been great. The customer service has been responsive and friendly, and the tune made a big improvement in how my car performed. I ran their “93 Performance Tune” for a majority of the car’s miles last year, with no issues at all. In summer of 2022, I replaced fluids (PTU, ATF, Differential, engine oil) and added a JLT Catch can. This summer I have more plans to upgrade my Edge. I am planning to install the Ultimate Performance FMIC, H&R Shocks, Bilstein B6 Struts, Xtra’s V2 Ram Air intake, Turbosmart Kompact Shortie Plumb-back BOV, and a strut tower brace. I will likely start a build thread to track the project! Cheers!
  3. res-q

    15-21 Ford Edge Sport/ST Cold Charge Pipe

    Hello, I am interested in this item. Is it still available? Direct message sent. Thank you!