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  1. Below is all I would have done - always test a battery with it fully charged.
  2. 1004ron

    Is Dex-Cool the right coolant for a 2013 MY 3.5?

    The Gold is superseded / obsolete.
  3. 1004ron

    How to find my entry / posts

    Click on your profile (top right) then near the top right click "My Activity". - While you're there, how about adding location and Model/Year to your signature - https://www.fordedgeforum.com/settings/signature/
  4. 1004ron

    Engine Dies while Driving

    Yes, that's what's meant by "not topping off". It would only have a light stumble when idling immediately after filling up and would be gone until the next "over fill". Is yours doing it only with a FULL tank or all the time? Best you get the codes read.
  5. 1004ron

    What made you choose your Edge?

    I had never driven a Ford Edge and couldn't do that being abroad at the time of purchase. For me it was styling, specifications, online reviews, and assistance from members here that helped me with my decision. I bought my 2017 Sport, sight unseen, using internet and email with the dealership and on my return to the US on 9 March 2017 they picked me up from the airport and from there to the dealership and took delivery of my Sport, and I'm still happy with every aspect of my purchase.
  6. 1004ron

    3.5 crankshaft pulley install

    With it off you'll see the timing sprocket behind it, and it is keyed. This model, unlike some Fords, the crank position tone wheel isn't part of the harmonic balancer.
  7. 1004ron

    3.5 crankshaft pulley install

    Its not keyed, so no orientation/alignment, but it cant be heated to make it easier to go on the crank (rubber), and cant be beaten on, so you'll need a special installation "puller" or if the main bolt is long enough you could pull it up with that.
  8. 1004ron

    3.5 crankshaft pulley install

    I've seen that one - it doesn't cover the install, but it does show that the harmonic balancer on this model isn't keyed.
  9. 1004ron

    3.5 crankshaft pulley install

    Not sure if you tried the forum search feature. Note the comment about not hammering the balancer back on - it will damage the crank thrust bearings.
  10. 1004ron

    Engine Dies while Driving

    Restarting does not clear the stored codes. What code reader are you using? I ask because I had a slight stumble at idle a few times after filling up with gas and my previous code reader didn't show anything, then a long time after with a new code reader it showed there was an evap code stored. I no longer top-off when I gas up and the stumble has never occurred again and no error codes. As a check take it to Autozone and see if they read any codes.
  11. 1004ron

    How many Fords have you owned?

    1960 Anglia 1968 Cortina Mk II 1981 Cortina 3.0L XR6 1998 Sierra Current 2015 Mustang 3.7L V6 2017 Edge Sport
  12. 1004ron

    Back Again

    Welcome back. Please post pictures and consider adding location a Model/Year to your profile signature - https://www.fordedgeforum.com/settings/signature/
  13. Thanks for that, I wasn't aware that Forscan was available for other OS - paid the $6 and downloaded it on my Samsung tablet that I bought for the solely for use on my BMW motorcycle. I now have two uses for my only Android device.
  14. I too have never seen the dashboard indication. I disconnect the sensor to get clearer access to the fill plug, and one time forgot to reconnect it so when I turned on the ignition I got an error code. Wonder if there's a way to access the temp reading with an OBDII device?
  15. My 2017 Sport has the PTU temp sensor.