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  1. 1004ron

    2014 Edge new front pads and rotors.

    What rotors and pads did you get? I got these for $170 : https://www.jegs.com/i/Power-Stop/419/K7143/10002/-1
  2. 1004ron

    K&N CAI/OEM Swap

    Its a legitimate question - what's your actual problem with that? So, what is it with the OEM filter that you consider makes it a poor choice?
  3. 1004ron

    G2 Edge Sport Catch Can

    I know people that have added a hose down near the ground with a small filter attached. For me, I'll go with my catch can as its not much effort or cost to help towards improving the air we breathe, ....... and everything collected in the catch can I put in my waste oil container that goes to AutoZone.
  4. 1004ron

    K&N CAI/OEM Swap

    The stock air filter is designed to accommodate max flow (wide open throttle at high rpm) without a pressure drop that could impact performance - very few folks would operate near max flow, so unless you're racing and want to squeeze out every minute bit of performance, there'd be nothing gained paying a premium for those filters.
  5. 1004ron

    K&N CAI/OEM Swap

    What's wrong with the stock Motocraft filter?
  6. I'm not surprised the dealership didn't understand the request.
  7. 1004ron

    Oil consumption - 2016 Sport

    The oil consumption and catch can volume and rate of fill is not normal, and points to bad rings. The tune automatically suggests spirited driving or racing, which will make it less likely that Ford will volunteer warranty.
  8. The inner halogen are the DRL's - they will come on when the vehicle is in drive. See mine with LED's in place of the halogen.
  9. 1004ron

    Local Ford dealership used tap water for coolant mix

    That's what I assumed, and just wanted to check if that was a correct assumption.
  10. 1004ron

    Local Ford dealership used tap water for coolant mix

    Is that if you're changing coolant type, or is it also required for a maintenance coolant replacement?
  11. 1004ron

    Local Ford dealership used tap water for coolant mix

    Not too serious depending on the specific content of the tap water, but most locations have minerals (calcium, iron, chlorine, sodium, .....) that can precipitate in the cooling system and cause problems. Distilled water is so cheap and readily available, there's no reason to take a risk with tap water.
  12. I just recently installed the drilled and slotted version, and very happy with it - just a few dollars more, and I think worth the extra. Sold by Jeggs on Amazon and free 2-day delivery. Power Stop K7143 Front Brake Kit with Drilled/Slotted Brake Rotors and Z23 Evolution Ceramic Brake Pads
  13. 1004ron

    K&N CAI/OEM Swap

    So much better. That previous intake to me just smacks of boy racer and would have made me think twice about buying.
  14. 1004ron

    Wheel Lugs?

    @DaMiFo I have a new set of the original lug nuts (warranty replacements) but might go for those McGard instead. https://www.amazon.com/McGard-64074-Chrome-Black-Thread/dp/B00DIX0ZSS/ref=sr_1_14?gclid=Cj0KCQjwvo_qBRDQARIsAE-bsH_8tDBFKWCSGvVFR1FzMcihTDw9DBge0Z3jSL5skL55Q1K6p7dfm0MaAkAbEALw_wcB&hvadid=177574221527&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=1017825&hvnetw=g&hvpos=1t2&hvqmt=e&hvrand=1958230932780261336&hvtargid=kwd-4096568384&hydadcr=5488_9590406&keywords=mcgard+lug+nuts&qid=1564745947&s=gateway&sr=8-14
  15. 1004ron

    Wheel Lugs?

    13/16" = 20.6375 mm , so the 21mm emergency lug wrench would work, a little loose, but snug enough.