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  1. 1004ron

    Possible PCM failure? 2017 Edge Sport.

    If you're wanting to scan for codes yourself you'll need to use a good OBDII adapter and FORScanLite. Not sure why the dealership didn't retrieve any codes.
  2. 1004ron

    Possible PCM failure? 2017 Edge Sport.

    Sounds similar to what I experienced except mine was a "No Crank". What code reader are you using?
  3. 1004ron

    Ford Edge grinding noise

    With such little to go on, it would be best to have a qualified mechanic test drive it.
  4. Looks good, but not sure that I like it enough to spend that kind of money they're likely asking.
  5. Don't know how I missed that - I'll call the service manager and ask for the parts.
  6. How difficult would this be for me to check if I need this or not? The PDF @Haz attached shows it under one hour labor for the repair. My dealership has in the past given me the recall parts for me to DIY and registered the recall as complete, which I might do for this.
  7. 1004ron

    Rough Idle after fillup

    Depends, when filling up do you top-off,....if so then the canister and purge valve could fail prematurely. What code reader are you using?
  8. Isn't there another thread on that recall ?
  9. 1004ron

    Rough Idle after fillup

    Probably a bad evap solenoid. What code reader are you using?
  10. 1004ron

    TPMS - life expectancy - make and model ?

    They did the learn procedure, so don't know if it could or would do it automatically after a few miles. They are showing pressure accurately.
  11. 1004ron

    TPMS - life expectancy - make and model ?

    The TPMS sensors seen in the above post were installed by Discount Tire today when they installed a set of Bridgestone Alenza AS Ultra 265 /40 R21, and everything is working perfectly. I got 50K miles on the original P-Zero tires and only 31K miles on the Atturo's - the Atturo were down to the wear bars, and they were treacherous in the recent heavy rains we've had in KY.
  12. BaZZaD What are you planning to do, rebuild and bore the engine, ......... if you rebore then obviously you need the oversize rings that have an increased Outside Diameter. The reason why some places don't stock the standard ring sets is because most folks needed rings have rebored the engine.
  13. 1004ron

    Convince me to buy

    I was in that position 5.5 years ago. That's because folks don't rush to report their trouble free rides. There's a few of the 2.0L that had coolant ingress into the combustion chamber that needed engine replacements, and a few earlier models with PTU issues, the internal coolant pump on the 3.5L, but in general as far as I can tell they're reliable. What model, engine, trim are you considering?
  14. 1004ron

    2012 Troubleshooting P0299

    Please add that to your signature. https://www.fordedgeforum.com/settings/signature/