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  1. My 2017 Sport is two months shy of 3 yo with 50K miles on the clock and I would definitely buy an Edge again.
  2. 1004ron


    My car came with 6 months free Sirius radio and 5 years Sirius Traffic. I did not renew the Sirius radio, and still enjoy the traffic which I find works really well. If I see the slightest build-up of traffic to or from work, or I hear a radio station traffic report of a hold-up, I hit the NAV and it is very quick to re-route me. Contact your dealership and ask what traffic package was included.
  3. Got it, no valuable contribution to make.
  4. 1004ron

    Late Model Mustang Owners Question

    We looked into that option and we decided against spending >$2K for her town car (we would go with the NAV option which adds $500).
  5. 1004ron

    Late Model Mustang Owners Question

    My wife's car is the S550 2015 3.7L V6 with around 60K miles on the clock and we enjoy it very much. Ours is the base model and we have changed the cloth seats to Catzkin leather, no heated seats, and would like the larger screen - we bought ours used, but if we were looking to buy new I'd pay for the higher options.
  6. Reviews , positive and negative, play a role in my product selection, and its pretty easy to spot fake reviews - your negative review will not factor in my decision making. If you could present something meaningful regarding the product discussed in this thread, I might consider. If leaving negative reviews was illegal, as you imply, places like Amazon would not exist, they'd be fighting lawsuits on behalf of all their customers that left negative reviews. Claiming fear of a lawsuit for anonymous criticism on a public forum, is an indication that you really don't have anything meaningful. Summons issued to Mr.IWRBB residing at location/region "Decline".
  7. If you pull off with the steering full lock and it clicks, that's a sign the CV joint is gone - they should last well beyond 100K miles unless the rubber boots have been damaged. Check the the drive shafts for signs of lubricant leakage from the boots.
  8. 1004ron

    2015 Rear Axle Gear Oil

    I used Redline 80W-90 in the RDU Why would you change the oil weight?
  9. Reading the thread title the first thing that comes to mind is CV joint, but just for clarity, does this only happen as the steering is rotating, or does it happen when pulling off with the steering at full lock?
  10. 1004ron

    G2 Edge Sport Wheels And Tires

    I paid Tire Discounters $138 for the installation, balancing and disposal of the old tires. Free wheel alignment check was included - they got it up on the Hunter rig and came to me with the printout showing rear and front toe out by a small fraction (three decimal places) and recommended that I pay the $90 to have it corrected - they weren't impressed when I said no thanks - my tire wear has been perfect and I see no reason to disturb that for 0.002 toe. I've only got 550 miles and happy with the Atturo so far - quiet and good in the wet - I'm not a "spirited" driver, so can't really comment on grip etc.
  11. 1004ron

    Disappointing Brakes

    What pads and rotors do you plan on using?
  12. We're all entitled to our own opinions, right or wrong. I've become familiar with the OP @snmjim on this forum, enough to establish the opinion that he's a suitably qualified and experienced auto enthusiast for me to trust his product opinion and review. This was confirmed by myself when installing the product and after 3 months in service. Come now, you can't hide behind the fear of law suits - you know that there's no way that you're at risk of that on this forum - maybe @akirby and put you at ease, and allow you to explain what you consider bad about this product. What brake kits do you consider better than the Powerstop and cost less?
  13. Take a look at the last post on the first page of this thread.
  14. 1004ron

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    Very minor irritation - every time I go through the car wash water hangs out in the side mirrors and spits down the side of the vehicle when driving and dribbles down the door when stopped leaving ugly water marks. I reduce the volume of water by pulling to the side at the car wash and using a can of compressed air blast into the mirror. I'm thinking of popping out the puddle lights and checking if I can drill a reasonable drain hole in the underside.