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  1. What's the mileage on the replacement engine? Is it using oil?
  2. What version was the Chinese supplied one? I wouldn't consider using a diff from anything other than a 3.5L - maybe @Haz can confirm compatibility.
  3. I have a 104,000 mile on my 2017 Sport, do all my own oil changes at 5K mile interval, and I keep the splash shields in place - it serves a purpose protecting the aux belt, pulleys, tensioner etc. from getting fouled by mud and water .......
  4. What country is that? Please add your vehicle Model / Year and Location to your profile signature - https://www.fordedgeforum.com/settings/signature/
  5. Welcome. What Model/Year/FWD/AWD ? - please add that to your profile signature - https://www.fordedgeforum.com/settings/signature/ Add to your list the PTU and RDU.
  6. Second question is when I went to tow the edge home I attempted to turn the engine over which it did not. Is there a reset that must take place? So now I’m looking at replacing a transmission this weekend. thanks How did you attempt to turn the engine? - use a wrench on the crank main pulley bolt?
  7. Not sure how much you can trust their response. You could stop in at a place like Autozone and have them scan for stored codes and scan each wheel sensor. Or go to another tire fitment shop and have them assess and provide a quote.
  8. Don't forget to reset the Battery Monitoring System once the new battery is installed, and if its a size change that needs to be setup using Forscan.
  9. I got mine at Costco, but there's many good brands available, even Walmart sells some good ones. You should also be able to go up one size.
  10. Welcome. Get your battery tested for free at a place like Autozone. Add your location and vehicle Model/Year to your profile signature - Settings - Ford Edge Forum
  11. The first step would be to bleed the brakes without the engine running i.e. no vacuum for the booster.
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