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  1. Serebyani

    Hi from NC

    Twinzies!! Yay! LOL! Enjoying it so far- getting used to the Dune seats is taking a little bit. Glad to have ditched the cheap-azz Grand Caravan the ex made me buy in 2017. I am so NOT the minivan type- This suits me much better! I have been wanting this color blue since college back in '89. Thanks for the welcome!
  2. Serebyani

    How many Fords have you owned?

    Fords I have owned: 1974 Mustang II (1st car and it HAD to be a Mustang!) 1976 Mustang II T-Top 1978 Ranchero GT 400 1968 Cougar XR7 (yes, I know... Mercury, NOT Ford, but the engine was from a 1968 Mustang, so it had the 💙of a Ford!) 1998 Explorer Sport Eddie Bauer Edition and currently a 2020 Edge SEL (will have to go hunting for photos... they are around here somewhere....)
  3. Serebyani

    Hi from NC

    Hi- I just purchased a very nice 2020 Edge SEL Monday! Glad to be back in the Ford Fold after too many years with Dodge products due to the Ex. 🤢 (to both Dodge AND the ex...) Hoping to get it UV tinted soon before my bunz toast this summer. Looking forward to learning more about my new addition!