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  1. I also finally got my update as well. Now I will turn off the updates forever 😀 because ford doesn’t do enough testing before a release.
  2. I haven't received anything secondary or third update. Car connects to fiber internet everyday and has hot spot wifi with unlimited data.
  3. When you're in reverse, the "+" button is on the screen on the top left in a circle. It will then zoom in on the camera for tow mode. Then when you switch back to "D" the front camera button will work.
  4. Before the latest update, if you wanted to see the front camera, you would have to put the car in reverse, zoom in with the "+" button, switch to "D", then click the front camera button again, but it would IMMEdiately switch back after 1 second. Now after the update if you do the same procedure the front camera stays on after driving above 7mph. That is, put the car in R, hit zoom "+", then switch back to D, then hit the front camera, it will stay on and not immediately switch back.
  5. Well the problem is formally recognized on NHTSA and FORD OEM DTC which means it will get solved. The question WHEN. https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2022/MC-10214840-0001.pdf https://ford.oemdtc.com/10460/front-camera-inoperative-after-vehicle-traveled-over-6mph-10km-h-2021-ford-edge
  6. I still have not received part 2 of the update and my camera did not change yet. I have hot spot enabled and fiber gigabit internet/wifi it connects to every morning in the garage.
  7. If you’re getting that many problems you should contact a lemon law attorney but that lawyer will suck the money out of you. But seriously the used car market should allow you to sell pretty quick like you rented it. I drive mine like I stole it (after dropping off kids) since it is a ST version. If you don’t like in San Francisco (like me) or New York, you’ll survive without a front camera. Our parking lots allow for less than 6 inches of clearance on the sides.
  8. @Haz thanks for the info, how did you get this? Is it posted somewhere?
  9. Mine is Version 22028 Revision 358 It could be we need a new version. I also have a mobile hotspot enabled.
  10. Called again, Ford engineering is still "working" on a solution, still no update. So if anybody has a solution or Technical service bulletin for their fix, please post it here.
  11. Thanks @Xfire. I called the Ford dealer again to see what they have to say. I haven't had a chance to bring the car our yet today to see if an update is available.
  12. Nothing yet, it's been a week. They said they contacted Ford Engineering and are awaiting a response. They said I should get one today or tomorrow. Once they have a fix they said to bring the vehicle back in. I also filed a ticket with the NHTSA. Somebody filed a complaint for the rear camera and got the update pushed that screwed up the front camera. https://www.nhtsa.gov/report-a-safety-problem#index Report your problem by filing a ticket.
  13. I dropped it off to the dealer today. They have "electronics" tech onsite. It's Serramonte Ford, just south of San Francisco. We'll see what they have to say.
  14. I filed a ticket with Ford, they told me to take it to dealer after sending the video. I'll let you guys know about the outcome.
  15. Model - 2021 Ford Edge ST - Fully loaded with forward camera, navi, pano roof, brake package, heated/cooled seats, etc. My forward camera stop working after the 5/13 Sync update. The sync update was to address a "frozen" REVERSE camera, but it BROKE the FORWARD CAMERA. In addition I NEVER had an issues with the reverse camera. Expected Functionality - Forward Camera works under 15mph in drive when I press the "forward camera" button to get close to cars in traffic, parking lots, and parking. Problem - Forward Camera - after latest sync update, forward camera no longer works after driving above 7 15 mph, coming to a complete stop and pressing forward camera button again. Conditions when the front camera does work. Condition 1 - Starting the car (cold start) and going into drive and hitting the forward camera. Condition 2 - After driving the car above 7 15 mph, shifting into reverse, shifting to drive, and pressing the forward camera Conditions where the Forward camera does not work. 1. After moving the vehicle above 7 15 mph, coming to a complete stop and pressing the "forward camera". 2. Driving under 5mph and pressing forward camera; Both these conditions used to work. I utilize the forward camera in tight parking spots and parking lots in San Francisco, but it not responding I am likely to get into a crash or hit the vehicle because the car is not functioning. Attempted steps taking to remediate the problem - 1. General - Settings - Factory Reset; waiting until screen loads. 2. Power button and "next track button" until Ford Screen shows. 3. Disconnecting negative battery and reconnecting. **I updated to show 7 mph, I looked into the handbook, it says 7mph. I contact Ford on twitter, facebook, and chat. Has anybody else experienced this problem? If yes +1 in the comments. I am bugging them on every surface.