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  1. Got the September update, a bunch of hooey about Alexa (really have no use for that in my cars), but they have not touched the camera issue, or the other problems that I have been having (posted in another thread). So it is time to move on. I would like to extend my thanks to the nice folks in this forum for your support and camaraderie, but I am going to pick up a boring point A to B Toyota Highlander in a couple of weeks to replace the Edge. It will not drive as well but at least I can get from point A to point B without the neverending feeling of wasted money. I somewhat wish that I had not lemon traded our ‘19 ST for this one, as not only so many nice touches are missing, but the Sync 4 HMI is an absolute mess. It feels like every car has a different box of gremlin surprises, maybe Ford will get their act together again in the future.
  2. Hi folks, Have been moderately involved with the front camera issue on my ‘21 ST both here and on social media, and I am curious if any of you have had other issues similar to mine (listed below). We had a ‘16 Edge Sport, followed by a ‘19 ST, and the cars were on Sync 3 which IMHO was perfect and one of the more useful, responsive systems on the market. I am just about ready to toss this car out now. Other non-camera, infotainment issues: - Navigation becomes a nervous wreck, suddenly changing routes on the dash (Navigation display, next to speedo): it will change turn info/distance/street name 3-4 times a second (kind of funny, but kind of irritating, happens once in a while). - When vehicle is remote started and heat comes on, once we hit the ignition and the Sync system boots up, the seat heater and steering wheel heater will refuse to turn off. You can hit the buttons, they will slide/change to off, but once you return to the main screen they show everything still on. Repeat as many times as you like, the system will argue with you. In fact, if you turn the wheel heater before you do the seat heater slider, the wheel heater button will fight you and just keep going back to red. Again, funny, but eventually irritating. (Happens 99% of the time) - Radio off button does not work and radio will not turn off. System eventually crashes then lets you do it after a few minutes. (Not as frequent) - Hissing from speakers when you hit the S button. Sounds a bit like a faint fan running. Good ole fake engine synth not working as intended, I presume? (Every time) - New thing happened today: sudden bang from the back of the car like I blew a tire and the belt smacked into the wheel well, leading to a momentary panic, followed by the radio blasting on 5 seconds later. I have considered an Explorer ST but I drive my cars hard and am not impressed with the ‘22 missing massaging seats, missing differential bolt (and brake fix), and the propensity to lose blocks, seems like a few folks have been having failures. Thought of an Expedition Stealth or Timberline pack but the vertical Sync screen and Sync 4 tell me that I would be happier walking through the front door of my local police station, in the nude, claiming that I know where they buried Jimmy Hoffa…. The next 3 years in a straightjacket might be more pleasant than another 36 month lease with Sync4.
  3. So it looks like my news of a June update is a no go, based on what we are all seeing. Oops! But on the plus side my navigation system now panics when giving me the next turn info on my dashboard menu (next to the speedo); it randomly changes street names, turn direction and distance a few times a second! Absolutely magical… … I really like my dealer but Ford is making me start to think that it’s time for a Jeep Grand Cherokee…
  4. The cameras will fail to operate not based on distance traveled but rather time. Ie. I can turn the car on, activate front camera fine, reverse to activate rear camera, go into drive / forward gear again and it will fail to turn on after 15 seconds of vehicle start time. Just an FYI to those affected (I will post this on the FB group too), I spoke with a few people at Ford today and there is a June PowerUp with a release date of today (June 6th) which just got published. How quickly it will propagate is not something that I can speak to, however of all the internal update notes the two most relevant would be either an unnamed APIM fix, or the addition of a telematics service code indicating that there is a telematics update still pending with a July release date as the issue is not resolved. Meaning that we will either see it fixed now with the current update, or it may be part of a greater “telematics issue” which wouldn’t see another update until July at the least. The addition of the service code, from what I was told, is an internal message that is only readable by Ford techs if they scan the vehicle for issues. I’m unclear as to whether this is something that will post over CANBUS or some other/proprietary method. They noted my suggestion that customers should at least have an avenue by which to report product issues after an OTA update, even if it’s just a one way method like an online page/report button in car or whatever. Guess we will see what happens soon…
  5. It isn’t so much as “more technical”, it’s just hard to find people who can do a good job of thinking analytically and proofing their work. Just a simple config change that wasn’t properly tested and approved for release in a rush, which is extremely disappointing. Good luck to the OP and I hope to see good news soon! FYI there are 8 of us here with the same issue (link from the Ford Edge ST Nation group on FB): https://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwjHrKm94JL4AhUrg4QIHYFyAtoQFnoECAkQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fgroups%2FEdgeSTNation%2Fabout%2F&usg=AOvVaw3PtzRURlQ8OtgBZebU-Hc_
  6. Same problem here, I posted in an Edge ST group on Facebook and we have a bunch of people with the same issue. Attempting to deal with Ford via social media was useless and I have to ring customer service.. my primary concern is the slippery slope of over the air updates that will also screw up down the road and lack of support. Imho they should at least have older versions available to download or recover prior updates in case something screws up. I also noticed that Trailer Sway keeps enabling every time the vehicle is started, this also on my 2021 ST…. Iirc my 2019 ST didn’t ever have this issue so I am guessing that an update did this somewhere along the way. Good luck and I’m looking forward to news, I’m not sure if that’s welcomed here but I can also share the Facebook thread if that helps you with Ford on your end…