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  1. Thanks Haz, I appreciate your input!
  2. Ok, so it didnt sit after the battery install and everything seems to be ok? Do I need to do anything or just let it sit overnight now? Now you have me concerned LOL
  3. Apparently she just needed time. Just restarted the vehicle and the ambient (outdoor temp) gauges are working. The climate control is working as designed, all cold and hot when selected. Thanks for taking the time 1004ron, I appreciate your input!
  4. You know, I did pop the cover off to move it slightly to get the battery out. I thought the ambient temp sensor was over on the passenger side behind the grill? I wonder if by moving that air box lid it did something?
  5. Long story short, car started fine but after one stop this morning, came out to my 2011 Lincoln MKX and the brake was hard to push and no start, just solenoid constant click and the turn lights rapid flashing. Got my meter and some tools, pulled the postive battery fuse plate and tested the fuses, they were good. The battery would sit at 12.58v and I could arm the car via remote and that would drain it to 5v. I replaced the battery and she started right up, I thought I would have to plug in a radio code, nope all works great but the ambient temp sensor on the digital dials and the Sync are not showing. Is this a reset button press procedure issue? I drove 20 minutes to the office and it never kicked on, I checked the Sync settings and its set to show Outside Temperature. I never ran through the climate controls for AC or heat. Any input would be great. I know the ambient sensor is behind the grill cover, etc but it was working fine this morning, so Im assuming somethings not communication after a new battery.
  6. Thank you for posting this, greatly appreciated!
  7. I can try that, just curious why it only happens in the dash vents only position, we shall see.
  8. Yes, I replaced it recently. It was making this noise before that. I’ll try it again and remove the filter too.
  9. My driveway is on an incline and backing up to the garage door is not really an option, so I use the parking park daily. If I don’t it’s rather noticeably more difficult to get it out of park and there’s a slight thud. I may try backing in and hogging the driveway since the other car doesn’t really get used and see how that affects the parking pawl. Curious issue. No wants to spend $700 or more for bad parking lol
  10. My 2011 MKX when I turn on the ac and the vent is on dash, when I go past half way up on the fan speed starts making a loud humming noise (vibration?) When I choose spilt delivery to the dash and floor vents, it doesn’t make this noise when I turn the fan up. It also feels like it’s not blowing as hard as it could? The speed and the amount off air being pushed out does go up but it feels like it’s taking maybe a bit longer to cool down? Here’s a video of it happening. Could this be some interference with the blower and the air direction gate or whatever it’s called or? Resistor issue but only in one vent mode? (it actually makes this noice when you select max ac as well) IMG_3606.MOV
  11. Gustafa

    Hello from TN

    Been lurking and getting advice from this forum since I purchased a used 2011 Lincoln MKX back in November. Really like the car, but due to its age, it has its quirks and this forum has been fantastic. Thanks for having me. I hope I can contribute as time goes by!