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  1. 5/60? Is that 5 years 60,000 miles? Uhhhhhh OCD 2.5/30???? Not sure I've heard of that. Thanks
  2. 2018 3.5L AWD Manual calls for motorcraft mercon lv transmission fluid of course but wondering if Valvoline Maxlife Multi-vehicle full synthetic would be good? Or is it best not to mix and just keep using motorcraft because a drain/fill won't get all the fluid out and it's best not to mix? Thanks
  3. flymore

    transmission fluid dip stick access 3.5L 2018

    Looks good. Thanks omar302.
  4. Considering changing the transmission fluid on my 2018 3.5L edge but cannot reach the transmission dip stick. I've tried and tried to get to the transmission dip stick but cannot reach it under the large box that's to the left and feeds into the air cleaner. Is there a procedure for removing or shifting this box? The front of the car is at the top of the image.
  5. Interesting thanks for the info. Mine is the 3.5L engine - maybe the same PTU? This could explain it. Owners manual says, CAPACITIES AND SPECIFICATIONS - 3.5L Power Transfer Unit (PTU) fluid (All Wheel Drive) 17.9 fl oz (0.53 L) Really hoping PTU capacity was going up due to the extreme temperatures not down. Thanks.
  6. I see the vehicle was up on ramps when you did this. Was it level?
  7. My Edge seems to accelerate and coast a little better now since the ptu change.
  8. Let the old fluid sit overnight in the measuring cup - didn't see sludge or layering before taking it for recycling. Only sludge was on the fill plug at the top stuck to the magnet no metal shavings. Would think sludge would collect at the bottom by the drain plug but didn't see any sludge there or come out when I drained it. The plastic tube on the fill side would only go in about 1/2 inch. Felt like there was metal there stopping it.
  9. Yea the fluid is in the measuring cup. New fluid is clear, the drained fluid was burnt brown. There was a thick layer of sludge on the fill plug. Yes, the old fluid still flowed freely.
  10. "You keep saying 40ML(1.35 oz), don't you mean 400ml(13.5 oz)? " Yes, got 13.5oz or 400ML as in the picture...not 40ml. Manual says 17.9 oz or 530ml thanks. Took out the fill plug first - left it out and no fluid came out there. Then took out the drain plug and let it drain for several hours. There was no sign of thick sludge - the old fluid was brown as in the picture but wasn't really too thick. Fluid seemed to drain and flow out fine. Once it was done draining after several hours I put the drain plug in and used a pump to pump in the fresh fluid up into the fill plug. When it started to run out I placed the fill plug back and checked the quart container - allowing for what was left in the pump and hoses it read 400ML was pumped in. Used heat resistant sealant on both the drain and fill plugs. Yea, at least I got most (75%) of the fluid out and already planning my next drain and fill. Probable do something to drive the rear wheels up to raise them and level the vehicle some - maybe get more out? But I think that's all it holds... 400ML.
  11. That's what I was wondering. How much do others see when they drain the PTU? Kinda strange that I got exactly 400ml. Why not 410ml or 420ml? Why not 390?
  12. Yes, filled till it came out of the fill hole.
  13. My first PTU drain and fill on my 2018 Tit´╗┐anium with 38,500 miles and I'm disappointed with the capacity. I followed the videos suggestion of collecting the used fluid in a measuring cup. All that came out was EXACTLY 40ml the manual says 53ml. All I could get back in was 400ml. I was hoping capacity on this thing was going up. No I didn't spill any and it seems odd that EXACTLY 400ml came out. The only consideration was my Edge was on a ramp, but that's all I have. Anybody have any thoughts?
  14. 2018 Titanium Edge AWD 3.5 Is there a way I could have the engine temperature gauge displayed with the mpg display? Only seems to be an option when the engine rpm gauge is on. Thanks
  15. flymore

    What Brand oil filter?

    Thanks Gadgetjq, I'll check out the link. My Chevy Impala 3.6L took the ACDelco PF63 that I replaced with venerable Bosh premium 3502 and that's what's on my Ford 3.5L now. Both engines use the same filters, had some left over from the 3.6L. If you had the PF63 set next to the 3502 then looked at them with a flashlight you'd see the Bosh 3502 looks much better and the reviews are good. So I like Bosh and may stick with them. One thing I miss about the 3.6L was the factory installed magnetic oil drain plug. Looked just like a regular drain plug with a powerful magnet embedded in the center. You can find them for the 3.5L but they're oversized! I would consider changing the drain plug on my 3.5L to a magnetic one. Haven't found one yet. Wonder if they're the same size too?