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  1. flymore

    Will Tire rotation need TPMS reset?

    That's great. Thanks
  2. Just changed the oil in my 2018 Edge AWD. The manual says to rotate the tires when the oil is changed, will this mess up the TPMS? Is there a procedure to reset TPMS after I do the rotation? Thanks
  3. flymore

    Parking Brake

    Nope don't live in hilly area, kinda lead to the question cause I generally don't use the parking brake or have need for it. Funny, after I use the electric parking brake the brakes seem to grab better. Thanks
  4. flymore

    Parking Brake

    Do you set your electric parking brake every time you park your Edge? Does setting the electric parking brake adjust the rear brakes and so this is something you should do? Or does using the parking brake all the time lead to premature rear brake wear? Thanks
  5. flymore

    another PTU question

    Did you purchase your 2013 Edge new? Have you changed the fluid in your PTU during the time you've had the Edge?
  6. flymore

    No source button

    The touch and release, doesn't always work...So with my Edge it's more of a hold and release. I'll look for the advanced option and try that when i get a little more familiar with the system. thanks
  7. flymore

    No source button

    Ok, I'll try just having her change the temp. I noticed that if I change the temp on my side, it changed both sides. I'll have her try it. Thanks
  8. flymore

    No source button

    No I don't mean cruise is "engaged" when you start the car. My Chevy had a switch for cruise you left it on, it was ON when you started the car then when the car was moving you press SET to engage it. With the Edge you always have to turn it on then press SET. Turn it on then press set. Turn it on then press set. With Chevy it's on so you just press set. Just press set at the speed you want above 25mph. Just press set at the speed you want above 25mph. With my Edge it doesn't remember that I left DUAL on so I can have different temperature than the passenger side. Every time I turn the car on I have to set DUAL and turn on cruise control. Start the car set DUAL in climate and turn on cruise control. Start the car set DUAL in climate and turn on cruise control. I'm now using the buttons on the right hand of the wheel to navigate to source, but it's several steps and I sometimes have to take my eyes off the road.
  9. flymore

    No source button

    With the climate control I have to go in menus and turn on DUAL, so my wife can have a different temperature on her side of the car than mine. Would like to have DUAL on by default, there is no safety issue here with DUAL climate. I don't see the risk with leaving the cruise on, it doesn't engage unless you press SET and the car is moving over 25mph. So how is having the cruise off safer? Yes I can change the source with a voice command, I have to hold down the voice command button, wait for it to stop speaking then say what source I want and sometimes it doesn't understand me. A simple button would save time.
  10. flymore

    No source button

    Three annoyances, 1. No source button. Using the menu or keypad distracts you from driving. 2. You have to turn the cruise on every single time you start the car. My previous car had a button that locked in the on setting. 3. Dual climate control has to be chosen every time you start the car - why doesn't it just leave dual climate on!
  11. flymore

    No source button

    Thanks, I'll keep playing around with it.
  12. flymore

    No source button

    I'm enjoying my Edge, but one thing I really miss from my Chevy is the source button on the steering wheel. The source button allowed me to switch from AM, FM, CD, Siris XM and alternate input. The only way to switch sources is to activate the voice command or take my hand from the wheel and eyes off the road? This is a bit annoying with other people in the car and you're talking to them.
  13. flymore

    For the love of aircraft

    Now we're talking.
  14. flymore

    Moving On

    What year/how many miles on your Edge? AWD? Good luck with the Subaru, they're very popular. A little scary for new Edge owners like me. ?
  15. flymore

    My new to me 2018 PTU

    It was a nice day, about 60 degrees so I decided to crawl around under my new car. After a couple of short trips the temp of the PTU case was 196 degrees. The drain plug appears to be 1/4inch hex. I think someone posted it was 8mm, no way. 7mm way to big and 1/4 fits well with just a tiny bit of play. Do they make 6.5mm or is that to close to a 1/4? I don't have a 6.5mm in my set. It's really tight in there and still not sure I want to do this myself.