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  1. flymore

    PTU hose down flush - what flushing fluid?

    Draining my PTU, exactly 400ml came out. Manual says should've got 530ml. When filled, could only get 400ml in. 3.5L v6
  2. Did a complete factory reset of my phone, last resort wipes everything out - but it works now. Restored my contacts from a backup, blue toothed to the Edge and contacts download fine. Spent most of the day backing up my phone, did the factory reset on the phone and then restored things back on the phone. Wasn't a sync problem.
  3. Reset and patched sync, all it got me was loosing my previous destinations, radio station and other settings. Why do text messages transfer from my phone to sync, but not contacts? Tried pushing individual contacts, but get a failed to transfer message on my phone, so it does seem to be the phone.
  4. Tried ot several times, doesn't help. Talked to Ford today and tried several things, they said I need to talk to my phone service provider.
  5. Hi everybody. Tried making a call the other day and to my surprise my phone contacts were not in my Edge, "No Contacts" Made sure Contact access was on under my bluetooth on my phone for Ford Edge. Then tried, download contacts again and still, "No Contacts" Deleted Ford edge from my phone bluetooth connections and Galaxy S9+ from my Ford Edge, then added new bluetooth device Ford Edge and made sure Contacts access is/was on and it was. Then tried downloading contacts, "No Contacts" Hadn't checked for updates on Sync in awhile, so checked for updates and there was an update. So updated Sync. Tried downloading contacts again and, "No Contacts" Deleted Ford edge from my phone bluetooth connections, then Galaxy S9+ from my Ford Edge, then added new bluetooth device and made sure "Contact access" was on. Then tried download contacts, then checked contacts "No Contacts". Opened up phone keypad and manually dialed wife - worked fine. Opened up text messages, they work fine. Later checked recent calls after turning car off and on, no recent calls. No record of my call to the wife. Did the sync reset that didn't help. Wife's S7 works. Is there any way to just add a contact to SYNC 3? Thanks
  6. Yea, it's a typo. My paper owners manual says 50,000 miles.
  7. sure. 2018-Ford-Edge-Owners-Manual-version-1_om_EN-US_EN-CA_08_2017.pdf
  8. 2018 AWD 3.5L Discussing coolant change interval with my buddy and decided to check my owners manual. Page 490 of the electronic copy of my Edge owners manual states... First coolant change is 100k miles. Yes I know many on this board say you should change sooner. But to my surprise it says next coolant change at 3 years or 5000 miles! Is this a typo? That's like maybe twice a year! Lots of people drive more than 5000 miles a year!
  9. flymore

    Mobil 1 oil rebate program

    In case anyone is interested there's a Mobil 1 rebate again. Offer valid 4/1/21 - 9/30/21 https://acbincentives.com/mobil1/default.asp
  10. flymore

    How many Fords have you owned?

    1976 Ford Gran Torino 2018 Ford Edge
  11. flymore

    transmission fluid dip stick access 3.5L 2018

    Ok, that was "fun". By releasing the two screws and shoving the airbox over to the drivers side I was able to barely get my hand in and pull the dipstick out of the transmission. The car was cold, I expected not to see any fluid on the dipstick, instead it was just past the full mark. The fluid looked pink and smelled fine - no burn. Then releasing the clamp and wrestling some the airbox came out fine. Airbox wouldn't go back in. Couldn't get it down low enough and the screw holes wouldn't line up. Realized the back rubber grommet was stuck to the bottom of the airbox. Taking the grommet off the airbox and putting it back by the battery tray - then the airbox went back in. So confident I can do the drain and fill now. I'll measure and put back just what comes out.
  12. flymore

    transmission fluid dip stick access 3.5L 2018

    I can see it. Yes, it's in the same location as your video. There's no way to reach it, look at my picture. No way to reach your hand in there.
  13. flymore

    transmission fluid dip stick access 3.5L 2018

    Still trying to get the air box off. Took screws out and clamp off, then pulled hard but was afraid to break it. Do you really have to pull that hard?
  14. flymore

    PTU Care

    Dealer declined to change PTU fluid. Did it myself. Mine has a drain plug so easier than some, but it's a tight reach to get to it. The 75W-140 container wasn't the standard quart oil container so the pump I bought wouldn't screw on. The 75W-140 container assumes you have the room to fit the end of the container into the fill hole, then raise the container and squeeze the new fluid in instead of using a pump. Dealer declined to change coolant, "good for 100k miles".