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  1. flymore

    Owners Manual 2021 Titanium

    My 2018 Titanium came with a nice paper copy in the glove box. No idea when they stopped doing it.
  2. flymore

    Solar Battery Charger/maintainer

    Yeah, that's what I figured. Wasn't sure if it prevented power from going in or just turned off for power coming out. I'll have to use the aligator clips and go to the battery and ground under the hood. Thanks
  3. Purchased a Solar powered battery maintainer to maintain my battery while my 2018 Edge is parked in the parking lot. It came with a cigarette lighter plug adaptor or aligator clips to directly connect to the battery. I will ground the charger to the vehicle not the negitive battery post. Would like to use the cigarette lighter plug for the convenience, but will it work? Or is this a bad idea? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the replies. It was way to hard to use my fingers, so I tried pliers. That's when it looked like it may break off! Now have the radiator petcock socket tool for next attempt. I have four, one gallon jugs of motorcraft premix yelloe coolant. That's what I'll be filling with. Compressed air sounds like a good idea, I'll try that to get more of the old coolant out.
  5. This is as far as it will turn to the left.
  6. It doesn't seem to turn past 1/4 turn and I'm afraid to break it.
  7. Sorry for the stupid questions, but I haven't done this before. How many turns of the drain vailve to the left do I need to make? Is it 1/4 turn, 1/2 turn? a full tuen? Thanks
  8. Hello I've removed the filler cap and opened the drain valve, but the coolant is not draining out. Any suggestions? Thanks Picture uploads are not working.
  9. Is the drain on the drivers side a 19mm plug? Planning just opening up, draining and filling with motorcraft pre-dilluted. Is this what others have done? Thanks
  10. I'm planning on using the H6 730cca battery from Costco as above in my 2018 Edge. Not sure what option to set for this in forscan? The OEM battery is show as a Varta 60Ah 520CCA H5 Case as in the attached picture. Thanks for any help.
  11. flymore

    2018 3.5 Considering battery replacement

    Nice to hear the reset of the BMS in the video worked for you. That's the method I'll probable be using. So you didn't need or use forscan when you changed your battery? Thanks
  12. Received advertisement from my dealer for the "Fast Lane" motorcrafter battery replacement for $149.95 plus taxes and installation. Haven't called yet, but thinking this wouldn't fit my Edge? Installation? $100? Tempting
  13. flymore

    2018 3.5 Considering battery replacement

    Thanks for the info. My car doesn't have stop/start and I don't want it! It strains the battery, starter and engine. Haven't changed my battery yet, but now keep jumper cables in my car. Having checked the voltage on my battery occasionally, it has been as low as 11.6 volts. When it's this low I put a charger on it and it come right up. My biggest concern is coming back from a trip and finding it dead in the parking lot, but they have a jump starter there so not a huge deal. I charged the battery before my last trip and when I came back the car started fine. I'll look into Advanced auto parts. Buy I'll probable just do it myself.
  14. flymore

    2018 3.5 Considering battery replacement

    I found this method for BMS reset and will give it a try. Still interested in Forscan sounds like something I should have. Thanks for the info.
  15. flymore

    2018 3.5 Considering battery replacement

    Not familiar with Forscan, is that a app? Where would I find it?