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  1. Good to know. I found most of the bolts are M14. I will see if I can get some extras so when I tear in to this, I am prepared.
  2. Nice!!!!! thank you
  3. I returned from my vacation and am deciding on what day I want to embark on this project. I was thinking about this. Can I reuse the bolts from the bumper bar or do I need new ones? Thamks again
  4. As far as wiring, when watching a few videos, the pros were using either Curt or the tenkonsha wiring harness. They look like they are plug and play. I will read more about forscan and see.
  5. Hi chipsog4, Thank you for the advice and great photos! It’s nice to see what needs to be done on an actual car than on paper. I am going to be away this weekend, so won’t be able to do it for another week or so. thanks again
  6. Hi Haz, I was able to purchase an oem hitch from a friend at a great price. I got underneath and realized that it sides into the body instead of over like the aftermarket. Now all o have to do is see how brave I am at tackling this myself. Thanks for the great info.
  7. Hi All, I know this thread is about aftermarket trailer hitch installation. Does anyone have or know where I can get some info, on putting an OEM trailer hitch on my 2015 Edge? Thanks