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  1. Yes ignition interlock. Hidden camera haha yes of course. I’m just looking through these diagrams shouldn’t be any interfering with brake lights. I’m gonna crawl around in it tomorrow and check it out. When these brake switches go are they like the old ones always on or do these edges just have no brake lights. Thanks
  2. So have a edge here gotta be 2006 to 2009, had a blow box it it at one point then remote start Ford dealer installed and after the brake lights are constantly on and no cruise. They say the blow box was incorrectly installed, and want a grand to diagnose it.... although they created the problem. So I ain’t even sure where to start was going to swap brake light switch on pedal and check if they stuck wires together somewhere. My thought process is they installed like they would a manual except instead of a jumper on park switch they used brake switch.
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