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  1. Guys, its been a total disaster so far. Ok, faux leather seats-total shock but I can stomach that. Audio-rubbish. 2L engine ok-ish, but I am not sure if it is better then 3,7 L that I uses to. Just the sound makes me cringe. But the most concern is Sync4. Car play would disconnect randomly from my iPhone 8 and freeze my phone. So I am driving in unknown area and suddenly have no map.Almost crashed last night on a parkway trying to reconnect myself. Been to the dealer twice today. All they are saying is I need a new phone. What the hell mind me asking. And now I have to suck it up for next 3 years until my lease is up. Finally I saw Edge ST on the lot. Sticker price 55k plus they wont 5k over. 60 k for the car which doesnt even have leather seats. They say leather trimmed, it looks no different from faux. Am I going crazy?
  2. Hi there! Not sure if anyone will read that! I have the same problem, but with iPhone! carplay would just randomly disconnect itself. I traded my 2014 Ford Edge sport for 2022 Ford Edge STline. Full of regrets. So today I was once again at the dealer. They are trying to convince me that this is my phone not performing. I have iphone8. Not sure if I believe them. I do not have built in satnav. Totally hate my car now. Ordered a new phone and waiting to see if this nonsense will stop.
  3. Thank you guys for all of your replies! Funny enough that I had read about the water pump issues on edges on this forum years ago when I was deliberating if I should keep my 2014 edge. so far reviews were great only the water pump issue. (To what my mechanic said that pump may never leak) So, all of these years every service my first question to mechanic was about the pump. And I also knew it would not be cheap because of how labor intensive it is. How ever your points were right! I do not know at what point it started to leak. It was ok 6k miles ago and I was due for an oil change in 200 miles. Pump was leaking externally but I guess no one will warrant that nothing got inside the engine. So with the absolute heavy heart I decided not to take any risks. At this point anything you need to replace like 1000$ For example leaking steering pipe (or line) 1200$. I know if I have to replace control arms, bushels its ain’t cheap, rust. God forbid transition. My differential oil was dripping for a year. Thinking back I get angry with the garage. I spoke to mechanics about it may be in spring , and was told that its not a common problem for edges. But when they actually looked …. I saw the shock on their faces. Even though they brushed of any concerns ( like I would have heard the noise if something happened to the gears) I kind of lost a trust in the car. Suddenly it was just a lot going on. I traded her in for a new Edge ST-line. Bloody dealers wanted 5k on top of ticket price for top trim which is ST. I could not justify that. In fact I was totally shocked. I knew things were bad, but 3 cars on the lot and only one new! Not crazy about my new edge. But at least she is new. So we will see.
  4. Hi every one! I am a proud owner of 2014 ford edge sport. It is was a love from the first sight! I keep my car in a tip top condition and never miss or skip a service. Was planing to keep her for wile. And here comes the water pump. Existing an well known problem for Edges. I caught the leak on time. I have 200 miles before next service and brought the car to my dealership to check tire pressure and he spotted the leak. The car has 131k miles on it. The cost of repairs for the pump is 2500$ On top of that my differential oil leaking and its additional 500$ I knew that water pump are expensive repairs, but 2500$ put me in to a shock. And I am desperately trying to make a decision fixing this car or trading it for a new one. I will mention that I am due to replace 4tires and its 1200$ at best. I totally trust my mechanic at the ford service center. He was looking after my “baby” for 5 years. These are the first repairs in my car . Before it was just regular maintenance. Does it sound too expensive to keep her going?