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  1. MLTEdge

    Brand new 2021 Edge ST - Blind Spot System Fault

    Well, I have owned this car 5 weeks and it’s been in dealership for 3 of those after 3 separate failures. Narrowed it down to - park car with rear of car facing west (towards afternoon sun) on hot day - use FordPass to remote start car - the very instant which I unlock trunk with keyfob all faults appear… “front windows inoperable, climate control inoperable, trunk won’t open, air bag lights on, blind spot system fault, cross traffic system fault, and a raft of system faults sent to obd) I’ve put more miles on rental car than my own. Good news is you can reproduce it. Seems a heat shield around the affected cable or re-route (if it was installed correctly) should fix it, and/or software update. Guess there is a TSB coming after they figure it out. Personally, has not happened to me, but rarely use remote start since car in garage. If they don't fix it, looks like you can trade it back in under Lemon law. Just try same routine on new care before you take delivery. Out of curiosity, did you get them to try and reproduce this on another car on the lot or in for service?
  2. MLTEdge

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    And yet... Last quarter... The Edge had one of the highest ratings for loyalty ownership across all vehicles. RIP Edge after 2023 as Ford doesn't listen to customers.
  3. I never recommend finding kick starts. Too easy for funds to disappear. Those that do make it like AA wireless end up cheaper after entering mainstream, and if good have plenty of competition soon after.
  4. Whien connecting to your car for AA or Carplay wirelessly, it really is useless for anything but short trips. It sucks tons of power, and with, the screen on, Navigation running, and music playing, wireless chargers can't really pump out enough watts. Most loose power with this kind of draw, and when the phone heats up things get even worse. They are designed to use when phone not in use to get a charge. Very few devices even put out more than 12- 15 watts, and even then phone will probably over heat and shut off. Get the magnet or a right angle USB c, and leave the wireless charger for the passenger unless the want control of car entertainment.
  5. MLTEdge

    End of the line for the Edge?

    Confirmed gone from many sources. Plants will become EV makers. Interestingly it was one of their better sellers, but that means nothing to Ford. Kill the Bronco, oh wait... Kill the Ranger... Oh wait..... I expect a similar sized model will come back after they push out all the Explorers, but as an EV.
  6. If you mean accessing from the screen like on Sync4a in the 2021& 2022s, I guess anything is possible given enough time, money and parts... but would probably be cheaper to buy a new car. I have seen guys upgrade dashboard screens using parts from lincolns, but even that was a pita and generally took customized software. I would assume it would be like changing an old TV with manual knobs to electronic buttons.
  7. MLTEdge

    2019 AWD Titanium 13mph 'thud'

    New torque converter could still be bad, or installed incorrectly. My issue was the worst right around 40 mph when letting off gas, or adding with a light pedal. Never hurts to double check since you are under warranty. Had a Ford ranger xlt, Ford rebuilt the tranny 3 times in 3,000 miles because the mechanics kept getting it wrong.
  8. MLTEdge

    2019 AWD Titanium 13mph 'thud'

    Also check torque converter. I had a bad one on my old Titanium right from delivery. Dealer kept telling me software update will fix it. Kept getting worse until it felt like I was being rear ended . Finally found a new dealer, and just before warranty was running out got correct diagnoses and they replaced and rebuilt entire tranny since it was damaged from due to condition going on for so long.
  9. Nope. Mine work, just slow and lazy. Doesn't always get commands right and wish they had included seat Warners as an option. Check that you have latest apim updates, there is a thread here or head over to Ford support. You can set up car to get them wireless.
  10. MLTEdge

    Factory Trailer Hitch

    Yea, that was the first part I added. Mostly to protect hood paint from heat. They left off engine cover as well, but I like seeing the engine so I can notice possible issues and make sure no critters hiding inside. They love making beds under those nice warm pretty engine covers
  11. MLTEdge

    Factory Trailer Hitch

    " 2021 Edges built on or before the third week of May, 2021 were fitted with Rear Center Bumper Cover Shields. 2021 Edges built on or after the fourth week of May, 2021 and all 2022 Edges were not fitted with Rear Center Bumper Cover Shields" Amazing research. Checked mine, shield in place. Manufactured March 2021. Bought in Dec. I guess that's why the dealer gave me a deal, had it too long. Small town, guess he doesn't sell many STs.
  12. MLTEdge

    Spare Tire TPMS

    According to manual, tire pressure is not read accurately until car is on and moving for a few minutes, meaning tires must be turning. A spare never turns while in storage. So even if you could register a fifth wheel, the 5th would never respond accurately. They sell tpms kits to add to cars, motorcycles, golf carts, rvs.... Most read accurately without movement. I was suggesting you may want to buy one of these after market addons, such as a MC since only 2 tires, put one of the sensors on the spare, and the portable screen/ reader could be kept anywhere in your car and you use it to check spare.
  13. MLTEdge

    Spare Tire TPMS

    Very doubtful, also the tries need to be rotating for a few minutes to get accurate reading. You'd be better off with a second set bought off Amazon with it's own system. These are generally sold for motorcycles up to RVs, trucks, ect...
  14. MLTEdge

    Factory Trailer Hitch

    2021, ST, nothing flaps. Trailer tail light hookup wasn't seated in holder and dangling, but took 5 seconds to put back in place. Take it in, tell the to correct. If they refuse, contact Ford Customer Svc. I am assuming Ford option, not after market add on.
  15. MLTEdge

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    My 2021 has been flawless. Only wish they left manual controls for seat heater and air conditioner. Using screen while moving can sometimes be a little tricky as you should be watching road not screen. Still trying to use voice to set controls, but sometimes not recognized properly. You know you can add a wireless backup camera right? Many options for where to put screen.