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  1. MLTEdge

    Edge ST 2021 miles per gallon MPG

    700 miles, 50/50 Highways, air conditioning (78 degrees today), auto start/stop off, so far 21 - 22 mpg, and I do paddle shift on the back roads. Didn't buy this SUV for mpg, last car got avg 35, bought it for size, travel, ride, fun and light towing.
  2. MLTEdge

    USB and C amps out

    As I mentioned in the original post, this hasn't been easy. (1) USB smart charging - Bing video But this is before Sync4 4.a models, which are still smart chargers, and was hoping they upgraded to 5 amp max, but through my plug and play trial and error, it doesn't appear so, which is why I bought an amazon 5 amp smart accessory plug, which puts out 5 amp to one device or reduces to 2.5 each for dual charging. My aftermarket wireless charger seems to being working ok, but barely charges, more of holding it is own, while auto connected to wireless AA. If I leave phone screen on, slowly loses charge, which kind of makes wireless AA tough for long drives.
  3. MLTEdge

    2022 Edge interior changes

    We'll... The center console also had one, but not in the front, under the arm rest in the bay. May not be where you want it though, so I'd consider hitting a stereo shop and let them install one exactly where you want
  4. MLTEdge

    2022 Edge interior changes

    Look on the passenger side of the center console, by left leg. You probably just never noticed it.
  5. Register on Ford website and you can download the manual. Much easier than paper, you can search for key words and get instant indexing. You can even have Maintenace reminders emailed to you or come up in phone app if car supports Cord Pass, which I believe all 2021s do.
  6. MLTEdge

    Extended Warranty Feedback

    Florida Flood won't sell in Florida. Ziegler, $100 deductible, 125k only $2,885 😉 Powetrain only..... $2,425! Wow, and my car is only 3 weeks old with 60 miles! Florida must be 80% commissions.
  7. MLTEdge

    Extended Warranty Feedback

    Wow, $1,800? I just plugged my brand new 21 ST into the site, and your coverage comes up as $3,565! Power Train only, which covers engine, $2,770. PennFed has Power Train and more for $995, zero deductible, 6yrs/100k miles. This is for new cars, also other options. Not sure who it is through, but 60 free look-over to cancel if don't like what you see.
  8. MLTEdge

    Towing Capacity

    Never understood why the Edge with the v6 turbo and factory tow package only tows 3500lbs. With the power, braking, larger radiator, and the ST having A larger tranny cooler with AWD, makes no sense with other similar subs like KIA towing much more with similar package.
  9. MLTEdge

    USB and C amps out

    Thanks, and Happy New Year
  10. Knew this, and still bought a left over 2021 several weeks ago. Have driven SUVS priced from 30k to 90k and the Edge almost always came back as my favorite, particularly when you factor in price comparisons as the only ones close were $70k-90k (BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar...). Even though my last one was a lemon and caused me a 2 year hiatus, I had to have one again. I see Edges everywhere, they seem to sell well, so killing it off this early seems to be the same reasoning, just as bad a decision, as when they killed off the Ranger. I wrote Ford and GM about 15 years ago (was driving a Prius) and asked them to come out with a hybrid truck. Look how long it took to make the Maverick. I even suggested the name Maverick to Ford and Montana to GM, go figure.
  11. MLTEdge

    USB and C amps out

    USB 3.x, as far as I ever heard or experienced, is backward compatible. I have some Galaxy and Pixel wall chargers that at the latest, and if I plug an old Nexus phone in them they charge fine. I've even got usb A to C adapters and cables they work fine (USB C supports higher amp and watts - most new laptops have USB C support for charging). What I'm after though is more amps/watts for newer, larger, devices. I found a wireless charger that fits perfect in the tray where the factory device is located, and since Sync 4 has auto connect with Android Auto, I use it all the time. Trick is finding enough amps to charge phone while phone is constantly pulling amps/watts. Works perfect when plugin/hard wired on Pixel and Galaxy, but wireless charging pads typically won't allow more than 10-12watts charging (there are a handful that do, but designed for home fast charging), and when not enough amps/watts being provided, or charging stops (such as getting hot which is common on car charging pads) your battery life goes backwards. I played around with it some today and think I can get just enough juice out of the USB A in the front bay to stay just slightly ahead (as long as display off) but interestingly when I use the usb A to USB C adapter, the C didn't put out enough juice. May have been the adapter, as it worked fine if I turned Android Auto off. Now to try the passenger accessory plug with a max 5 amp usb accessory plug I found. Ultimately, May already be at the best it can be, output may already be maxing out the pad. My last car had a built in charging pad, and this would sometimes happen. With Auto connect though it is sooooo convenient I'm trying to keep battery at same level or better. If interested: Amazon.com: Wireless Charger,POLMXS Car Wireless Charging pad 10W Fast Wireless car Charger qi Phone Charger pad for car Wireless Phone Charger for Andriod Cell Phone Charging mat Galaxy Note10/S21/S10/S9(C3) : Cell Phones & Accessories Amazon.com: 2 Pack AINOPE Fast Mini Car Charger, 5.0A Metal USB Car Charger, Dual Port Car Charger Adapter Compatible with iPhone 13/12/11pro/x/7/6s se, Samsung Galaxy S21/10/9/8/7, iPad Kindle : Cell Phones & Accessories
  12. MLTEdge

    USB and C amps out

    Interesting... Thanks for the find!
  13. MLTEdge

    USB and C amps out

    Thank you for responding. Seems low as Ford says older smart USB is 2 amp. Newer phones need over 2amps or more to charge properly particularly if in use, tablets even more. I ordered a 5amp accessory plug to test charging, and this should help wife with her tablet. Maybe I can find an app that will give me watts and amp readings while charging. Thanks again.
  14. Did major search and came up empty. USBs in console are connected to Sync, but that's not the question. How many amps do the USB A and C put out for charging? I found video on "smart power station" which says max 2 amps, but its an older Edge, and No USB C. So, on newer 2021 - 2022 with Sync 4, what are amps for each usb and watts if you know. Thanks in Advance.