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  1. 1st place to check is another USB cable. Most of the time lost connection comes from poor/cheap or old cable. If you're talking wireless connection, lots of issues with both android and apple. I've seen phones connect perfect, then if cable wiggles, connection lost. You can try also to delete pairing on phone and car and start over.
  2. MLTEdge

    Mirror tilt with reverse?

    Are you saying that my 2021 ST with memory seats can be programed to tip the mirrors when placed in reverse? How? I searched settings and don't see this option. Did find easy entry to have driver seat go back and forth.
  3. MLTEdge

    Trailer wiring harness

    Unless I am mistaken, most states, if not all, require trailer lights to not just light the license plate, but brakes and turn signals must be operative too.
  4. MLTEdge

    Navigation Problem

    Use to use wireless. Comes on 2021standard. Stopped using it as long drives kills battery real fast, particularly if playing music with GPS active. Also gets confusing when wife gets in car and we need to change phone that is mirroring. So simple solution was to go backwards and just plug the phone we want to mirror to car in the USB since it needs to stay charged anyway. Wifi works great on short drives and getting in and out around town, but that is about it. Had lots of intermittent drop connections too, but that may have been improved.
  5. The 22 has the door??? On my 2021 they removed it... And I thought I'd miss it, but don't since I keep so many USB cords in there.
  6. MLTEdge

    Car won't rev past ~4k in neutral/park

    Had a vette that did same thing. Dealer told me it was to protect tranny and engine. Some people were trying to floor it and shift at the same time, and could cause over revs particularly if they accidently went to neutral, car could actually get over red line briefly. Think they got tired of replacing blown engines,. Saw one in shop guy had reprogrammed so it would, and they were waiting for him to write a check for around $10k (and this was over 15 years ago) for factory new engine/tranny as they voided his warranty. Interestingly he had removed the chip before towing it in, but the history stored in the car ratted him out.
  7. MLTEdge

    2022 Ford Edge ST APIM

    If the car won't function safely, ask for a loaner until fixed.
  8. Yea, I posted in your other thread. 4D Tech | Ford Upgrades, Replacements & Accessories Worked perfect for me.
  9. I bought this one 4D Tech | Ford Upgrades, Replacements & Accessories Goes behind rear right storage area. Bit tight to work with, but 15 minutes later done and works perfect. Maybe you can return the one you are having trouble with.
  10. MLTEdge

    Update APIM Firmware?

    3.5.3 just arrived.
  11. MLTEdge

    Update APIM Firmware?

    I'll check, but pretty sure it is. Just got an update preparing for the Alexa upgrade. Is this what you are referring to?
  12. Noticed I'm still on am older APIM Firmware. No issues, and looks like over the air updates don't address this (since I get them all). Question is, do I assume this is like computers and newer drivers for hardware (where some recommend if it isn't broken, don't update)? Should I go to Ford dealer and update or leave it alone since everything seems to work?
  13. Thanks. I disconnect battery overnight and working again. Strange.
  14. 2021 ST. Use Google maps sometimes, but recently started using built in navigation. Voice guidance is on, toggled it between tone and voice. Reset APIM, still starts giving starting navigation drive safe message, then no more guidance commands. Anyone else? Car did just download an update telling me getting ready for Alexa update, but not sure if that's what killed it. Called Ford, they said can't help, take it for service. Stupid.
  15. Have you looked for any bad codes? If none, just a guess, and pretty obvious, sounds electrical, since after a detailing, which could just be coincidental. If car has now completely dried out, and I mean everything outside, under hood, under car... And still not running, my first guess is not a short since water no longer acting like a conductor, but could still be. So I'd start simple with battery and terminals wire check, ground wire , then make sure all pins in the pcm connector are good, and making good connection. If still not good, and no crank, maybe look for a short in a harness or connector. Good luck, hopefully someone else will help out if they have a better solution. Electrical is a real pita in modern cars. May be best to get a diagnostic from a dealer if simple things don't find it.