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  1. I ultimately didn't do it. Good luck with your project .
  2. Agree. And after cataract surgery it's even better!
  3. You've told us Insurer says corrosion, what did mechanic say? Generally, they would say they missed it and add it to claim if in fact they believe accident caused it. They get more work and guaranteed payment that way. Sounds like it may be co-incidental, but we would just be guessing without the mechanic's follow up report. If you feel the mechanic is wrong for whatever reason, talk with them and if still not happy inform them you are going to have it towed to another mechanic for a 2nd opinion.
  4. Thanks, but nope, same error message and a search does not find thread.
  5. "You Do Not Have Permission" is the message I get when I try to view response to my post on "What is this green Wire" thread. Can't even find thread any longer, assuming due to this message. Makes no sense, generic thread, I posted to it, and now can't even see my own post. Anyone have an idea? I did write Admin.
  6. You may, and I say may, be able to have a decoupler installed. There are companies that make them for this purpose. Not sure if they make one for 2024 Edge, but I remember seeing them when I found out I couldn't flat tow a manual tranny Tacoma after dealer told me I could. That's a whole nother story....
  7. Doubt you will have a warranty problem. If it doesn't show visable abuse, then very hard not to warranty, unless they open it and find peanut butter or similar.
  8. Maybe contact the head manufacturer to ask them? They must have a clue where to start, or how to test wiring to find correct ones.
  9. People use to debadge the Hyundai Genesis when it first came out. Dealers pulled logos and put the "Wings" on it to as an upgrade charge. Funny how similar it is to Aston Martin. Great cars and they knew it, but they were embarrassed being a Hyundai. Now it's a badge of honor.
  10. Never noticed that. Do you have the part number?
  11. There is a tray you can put in there. It came on the earlier models such as 2021 and "should" fit your year as nothing else changed. Any Ford part dealer should be able to look it up, or you could look in a junk yard or possibly ebay for a used one.
  12. If the dealer doesn't do it, it certainly could affect a warranty claim. That would depend on how the dealer submits the claim to Ford. This is similar to reprogramming the ecm for more speed or power and over revving or running too rich or lean and creating damage to engine. I bring this up as I saw a new Vet getting a new engine at owner's expense. He removed programming before sending it dealer, "black box" saw the changes and GM denied claim. Ouch.
  13. Not sure how easy it really is to pull up the cargo cover and access the storage are without opening the rear hatch and crawling back there. If that is truly your intent you should probably invent/make a cargo cover that could "roll up" so you could easily get in from front side as well as back. Thin wood slats with a marine vinyl glued backing might do the trick. Necessity is the mother of invention.
  14. By "jump Box" do you mean a backup battery to jump an installed factory battery? If so I have a Lithium battery with jumper cable, USB outlets and with emergency light. I keep in the rear pocket sidewall in the cargo bay, driver's side. It fits tight and I leave it plugged in to the accessory plug right by it so its always charging when I drive and won't be dead when I need it.
  15. Been on the Dragon several times, always on bikes. Many accidents and one in our group went over the edge, luckily only scrapped up except his bike. Whether cars, bikes or small trucks it is a dangerous road and you can easily be run off it. Never tried to do it "timed" as I didn't want to get hurt, and stopped doing it after my friend's accident, separate from the one mentioned above above.
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