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  1. Hello everyone I recently purchased a Ford Edge 2011 3.5 V6 SEL PLUS and I would appreciate it if you could help me with a few questions: 1. Is it mandatory to place the vehicle's remote control in the compartment between the seats or the tray under the screen or can it be anywhere in the vehicle? At the moment I can only start the car in one of the situations described above and not from anywhere in the car. 2. Remote start - unable to start the engine remotely. I press the lock button twice and immediately after that the start button but nothing happens. 3. Is it worth upgrading the multimedia system to SYNC 3? Thank you very much and I hope you enjoy the car
  2. I use Google Translate so I hope you understand then the next thing. I replaced batteries in both remotes and in both the described problem still exists. While I was arranging things in the car, one of the keys was in the back of the trunk and the other key was in my pocket, and guess what? The car starts! So I made another attempt, I left one key in a hidden place in the trunk, I left the other key at home to make sure the car didn't open when there was a key in the trunk and I couldn't open it, after that I brought the key from home again and the car opened normally and started even when it was in my pocket. It only confuses me even more, until now I thought the problem was the transmitter in the car, but now I don't think so. Maybe something disrupts the frequency? I'm at a loss again. I hope you understand and I would be happy for more ideas Thanks
  3. šŸ™help please
  4. Thanks everyone for the help, a little update: 1. The remote car ignition works, the problem was with the buttons on the remote, I made a temporary repair and ordered two new remotes. 2. I changed the battery in the remote but unfortunately the problem was not solved. I am at a loss for advice on the subject and would really appreciate some help. It's really inconvenient to take the key out of your pocket and put it in a specific place, it loses the advantage of entering and driving without a key. Thank you