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  1. @dabangsta Thank you. I'll give that a try. Barry
  2. Ref: 2022 Ford Edge ST with built-in Ford Nav. Why does a "MyTrends™" display box pop up on occasion on my map screen and suggest I can go to "AA Appliance Repair" and other unrequested crap? How do I turn MyTrends off? I cannot find a way in "settings" or "Tools" on the Infotainment system. I usually travel with the infotainment display showing the native Navigation map. If I really need to navigate to an address, I use the Maps app in Apple Car Play, and switch my screen to that, because it's easier to get dropped pins, contact addresses, etc., on my phone. Plus I'm used to using that. I'm trying to understand this Ford infotainment system and Sync, and where this MyTrends is located. From what I have been able to figure out, the native map and navigation that is built-in to the Ford Infotainment system must be some kind of Garmin partnership. When I look up "MyTrends" online, I can only find a reference to Garmin, and it only references Garmin devices. There is nothing in the searches directly addressing MyTrends with Ford, or Sync. I think Sync is only the Microsoft partnership that is the interface between the phone and the Infotainment system, and so not a home for "MyTrends". There is a "MyTrends" on the menu in Settings, but it only allows for resetting the app, which I imagine only wipes the history that they generate the suggestions ("Trends"?) from. How do I get rid of this unwanted and annoying item? Barry
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    Windshield sunshade

    yes, it is the typical twist and fold style. There is a video of folding it on Amazon. I like it for the ease and quickness for taking down, folding, and storing in the back of the seat pocket. Or under the seat. Very compact. Barry
  4. I found a good fitting sunshade. I like the fitment of the custom, hard accordion folding ones, but they are not as easy to store and always seem to be in the way, or somewhere you cannot reach conveniently and quickly. The roll-up ones are not for me, either. I've always had this lightweight, folding framed style on my F-150, and wanted same for the new Edge. Easy to fold and store in the seatback, but the universal round hoop style ones don't seem to fit well. I was looking for more of the trapezoid shaped ones, and was not interested in a 2-pc design. This one fits really well. It's a custom fir for a Lexus RX. and was a 2-day delivery from Amazon. Looks a bit wrinkled in these pics, but it just came out of the package. Anyways, if you like this style, this SEPORUD one fits very well. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B1VKSSFM?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details Barry
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