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  1. Teppie

    Haz — you seem to know a lot about Edge’s… Any idea what could be going on with my 2016 Edge..


    Recently the HVAC system messed up (A/C worked at lunch, but mid afternoon defroster was running on high - no A/C). I found a YT video on how to reset it and It did not work… BUT the next morning when I cranked my car the HVAC worked again and has been working ever since. (I remember seeing -80 for outside temp that day when my A/C messed up and I also remember seeing ‘negative temps’ a couple of other times.)


    Now my liftgate is not working. Neither of the 3 buttons work to open it. Light on showing liftgate ajar. My hubby replaced the fuse. We had the battery checked and negative cable unplugged for 5 minutes. Liftgate light went out, but now the hood ajar light is on!  AND, liftgate still doesn’t work. 


    My hubby checked the hood and has made sure it’s closed. 


    I had someone run diagnostics on it yesterday (a guy who travels around town and runs diagnostics) — he found nothing! 


    After he ran the diagnostics, the liftgate still didn’t work AND the hood ajar light was still on. The car sat overnight and the liftgate worked today for me about 5 times… now it won’t work.


    Any ideas as to what might be going on? Any help / suggestions you could give me would be wonderful!!! 



    1. Teppie


      2016 Ford Edge Titanium in case I didn’t provide it above

  2. I have a 2016 Ford Edge Titanium that is having liftgate issues all of a sudden. As of this morning when we unplugged the negative lead on the battery, the ‘HOOD AJAR’ light is stuck on. Help! HIstory: Back in July, all of a sudden my a/c quit working and was blowing heat out of all the vents. That morning my a/c worked, but that afternoon when I cranked it, the a/c didn’t work, but defrost did. I was able to reset the HVAC by finding a great YT video that helped me reset it and my a/c works great again. (Problem 1) Last Sunday afternoon I cranked up my car to go to the airport and pick someone up and I pushed the liftgate inside button to open it and nothing. So, I jumped out to open it from outside, nothing. Got the fob out, nothing! I began researching liftgate issues and my hubby checked the fuse (actually changed out 76 fuse) and today we went to Interstate Battery to check my battery. Battery is great. The I B guy unplugged the negative lead on it and let it sit for 5 minutes then plugged it back up… liftgate still didn’t work. I found a post on here talking about manually opening the liftgate from the trunk area - we haven’t done that yet. IS THIS WHAT WE SHOULD WORK ON NEXT? I’m thinking that it’s more of a “COMPUTER” problem now that the hood ajar light is on. Anyone have any ideas as to what could be going on? Thanks for your help!!!!!