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    Water pump, early leak detection?

    2015 SEL 3.5 V6 AWD, pick it up tomorrow for first time, 110k miles. After (I hope) thorough research the known highest drivetrain risk appears to be a bad/leaking internal water pump seal, potentially diluting engine oil causing engine demise. At least twice I watched Ford Tech Mackuloco's YT video describing the leak detection system in the pump housing. Best I can tell, the earliest leak detection is a greenish weapage below the pump housing. Somebody suggested occasionally sliding a mirror and flashlight under the engine to search for green weapage under the pump housing. Is it just as well to simply regularly observe coolant level in the reservoir, with the engine temp always the same (cold?) Thanks!
  2. ASL1125

    Water pump, early leak detection?

    Ayiyi! I can't believe you did that in your garage! Congrats! Finally picked up my Edge today. OMG I am totally in love with this car. It is just a fantastic ride. The most advanced vehicle I have ever driven and I realize this being a 2015 the current versions have to be even nicer. Only got 1 digital key. My Edge appears to have no physical key nor key hole. What on earth happens if the digital key loses power? Does anyone know the approximate cost for a 2nd key? Is a generic key via Ebay as good as OEM or should I stick to OEM only? I suspect OEM cost is at least twice a generic if the latter exist.
  3. ASL1125

    Water pump, early leak detection?

    Thank you kindly for the color correction! What about regularly checking the coolant level with a cold engine? Is there an advantage to checking the 2 weep holes? TX!
  4. ASL1125

    Lift kit?

    2015 SEL V6 AWD. Picking up this used car tomorrow. Already plan to purchase gloss black powder coat for the OEM wheels and Falken Wildpeak A/T tires. For appearance and off-road performance, I consider installing a lift kit ranging from 1.5" to 2". I respectfully request comments from someone with experience in this area. Which kit or kits to you recommend? How many hours for a pro to install? (not me!) If possible, please quantify the negative impact on pavement cornering performance. TX!
  5. This week I finally pick up my used/new to me 2015 SEL. I want to upgrade the head lights and swap the decorative blank inserts for fog light inserts. Best head light upgrade? Cons/pros, OEM fog light inserts or aftermarket? If the latter, what about this? Front Bumper Fog Lights Lamps Harness Switch Kit For Ford Edge 15-18 Black - MotorGenic OEM Edge w/fog lights: is the fog light circuit parallel with the with main head lights or do fog lights have a separate on/off switch? If separate switch and my Edge SEL left the factory without fog lights: Describe the OEM fog light switch, its location and how costly is it to install in an Edge that originally lacked it? (Maybe it's best to install an aftermarket switch.) Thanks! James
  6. Thank you. I pickup my Edge tomorrow. If true, that's very interesting that OEM 2015 Edge lacked fog light option. The bezel sure looks like it needs a fog light installed. OT: I'm in my late 60s and have owned a lot of 4-wheel vehicles. IIRC the last Ford I owned was a red 1978 Fairmont; except for the 302 V8 and A/C, a base car w/roll up windows (WHAT ARE THOSE?) I drove it hard; it was indestructible while I owned it and it never left me stranded. Sum-total non-regular service was a failed voltage regulator. The engine made only about 140hp but decent torque, not bad for the era considering the car's weight. Engine ran smooth; emission controls caused '79s to run awful. Mine would burn rubber w/appropriate light accelerator and brake abuse. Playing Stop Light Grands Prix it was fun embarrassing drivers of Japanese 4s, used to beating Fairmont 4s and 6s.