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    Edge_Eco20 pics

  2. Thanks for all the info! More questions 😁 I found some OEM assemblies online. Looks to have both the lights and trim. Does anyone know: Will there be wiring underneath already for an Edge that didn't come with the fog lights originally? Hoping it will be plug & play. I believe the headlight switch would have to be changed also, any insight on that? Do I need to remove the bumper fascia to install these, or can these be accessed from underneath? Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Edge_Eco20

    2021 Edge ST , new wheels and Tires #MEATY

    Your setup looks AWESOME! The concave look is what I am looking for. Thank you for sharing!
  4. Edge_Eco20

    tire sizes

    I have the same question for my 2020 SE, same stock tire size. Would like a wider, sportier appearance. Thinking about upgrading to 20" wheels but may opt for replacing the tires instead to save some $$. I found a chart on tiresize.com that shows comparable diameters, widths, etc. However, wondering if anyone has actually done this to confirm any issues like rubbing. 255s may not be worth it with only an extra .4". 275s may be more noticeable at over 1" wider but there don't seem to be many tire options. I suspect that anything wider would require a wider rim...can anyone confirm this?
  5. Thank you for the info, dabangsta!
  6. Has anyone been successful with modifying an SE with those bumper 'place-holders' where higher trims have OEM fog lights? I would like to put fog lights in those spots. However, I am learning that attempting to put OEMs in there would be pretty costly. I also do not want to have to remove the bumper cover if possible. Wondering if anyone has either discovered an easy aftermarket solution or has had luck with a DIY custom job. It seems like the angle of this area would make it difficult to slap a basic aftermarket setup. Any insight and advice would be much appreciated!
  7. Edge_Eco20

    Hello from VT

    Have a 2020 SE that we purchased new. It has been a great car. Thought about trading recently for something bigger to fit our two dogs when we travel to our camp. Changed our minds and instead got a roof rack and rooftop carrier for luggage. Made the decision to keep the Edge for a while and considering installing some upgrades to make it our own. Looking forward to learning and sharing ideas!