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  1. timbhmaxx22@gmail.com

    Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck - Transmission

    thanks for the reply, no warranty i reported the problem 3 times ate different ford dealers but only one had a transmission tech he said it was the transmission computer and i was given the choice of leaving the car there until my turn or leaving and they call when my turn is ready but 5 weeks later they call i had went over my warranty mileage by 78 miles and then they said it was no longer covered. so no warranty. i found a lot of other edge owners with this same problem some suggested using Forscan to fix it but i have no idea how.
  2. timbhmaxx22@gmail.com

    Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck - Transmission

    does anyone know of any recalls or anything about the 8f35 transmission in the edge titanium? ecoboost jerking, bucking, shifting problems? if so has anyone found a fix for this? thanks
  3. timbhmaxx22@gmail.com

    for extended warranties

    my edge titanium has 104k and when i tried ro renew the esp warranty they said sure but then when we went to the dealership they said they could not do it because it was 459 miles over the max mileage. so now i have to find some kind of warranty that will cover as much as possible, especially their powertrain transmission electronics, so far that was "endurance" which was their best plan 30 months or 40 k miles for $3800 so i wanted to ask other ford edge owners, has anyone ever found a way to get ford backed ESP after 100k miles on the edge? or any real-world experience with other ESP warranty companies that really did what they said and fix your Ford without any kind of problems? thanks very much for any advice.