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  1. I went ahead and ordered a different auxito light that states it's adjustable. Maybe the edge is strange or something. I guess with a halogen, it doesn't matter. On the gf Sorento, this light seems to work fine but not here. This is the one I just ordered that should work better. AUXITO H8/H9/H11 LED Light Bulbs, 80W 16,000LM Per Pair, 500% Brighter, 6500K Cool White, Angle Adjustable CanBus Ready Lamp Conversion Kit, Pack of 2 https://a.co/d/anM8qeh
  2. I upgraded the high beams on my 2016 to auxito replacements and am very happy with them, as I have been with all of my previous auxito lights. The h11 set I ordered isn't able to be clocked and did with the board horizonal, which I believe is responsible for the strange and annoying pattern. Can somebody recommend a good LED replacement that orients the board vertically or can be clocked?
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    Just picked up my first edge, a 2016 SE model. Planning up upgrade headlights, interior lights, and license plate lights to led. May swap in an Android auto head unit so I can see my Google maps. Not sure what else, but I'm glad I found this place