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    Adaptive Cruise Malfunction

    I think there is information out there on programing key fobs with FORScan. I found this video, though I haven't watched it yet. https://youtu.be/giHkCu10s8g?si=fXe5sM4vXLpDGoYy And I found this on turn signal flashes for the 2011-15 Police Utility. 5. Number of Turn Signal Flashes - This setting changes the number of monetary flashes. SCCM 724-01-01 xxxx x*xx zz 0-3=1 Flash, 4-5=2 Flashes, 6-7=3 Flashes, 8,9=4 Flashes, A,B=5 Flashes, C,D=6 Flashes, E,F=7 Flashes https://www.explorerforum.com/forums/threads/2011-2015-police-utility-forscan-settings.468943/
  2. danwdc

    Adaptive Cruise Malfunction

    Cerebrus: On this post, I found out how to change the turn signal flash count: 2016 Ford Edge FORscan changes Green colors are Original setting Red colors are changes made 1 - Change number of turn signal flashes on a quick tap of the stalk from the default of 3. (SCCM) 724-01-01 xxxx xXxx xx 0 = One Flash 4 = Two Flashes 6 = Three Flashes - (Default C02D 0600 xx ORIGINAL) 8 = Four Flashes A = Five Flashes C = Six Flashes E = Seven Flashes I'm gonna check this out. If I find a post on the key fob issue, I'll let you know.
  3. danwdc

    Adaptive Cruise Malfunction

    Hello to Omar302 in Qatar! So this is interesting. Remember I'm a newbie to FORScan. I removed my front bumper. Replaced the cruise control adaptive distance sensor. Leveled it vertically, with a cheap torpedo level. The horizontal leveling is done electronically, by using FORScan and taking the car for a drive, hooked up to my laptop. It looks at the lines on the side of the road and calibrates the sensor in the horizontal plane. Somehow, with limited knowledge and some luck, I found this calibration tool in FORScan. I followed the onscreen instructions and it said it was calibrated. (Ford dealers charge over $900 for this calibration.) After successful calibration, my cruise control still didn't work, and I still had the "Collision Warning Not Available" every time I started my car, as seen above. And, I could not shut off adaptive cruise control, as Haz showed above. So after I had FORScan find the As Built data for the C-CM (Cruise-Control Module), I was immediately able to turn adaptive cruise control on and off in the Settings menu, left of the speedometer. And the cruise control worked perfectly, both in adaptive and not adaptive modes. What I found fascinating was that I did not lose the previous calibration I did last September. The ECU held the calibration, even though I still had the the warning of "Collision Warning Not Available," unchanged from before I replaced the sensor. My only explanation is that there are several systems working separately and simultaneously to work the cruise control system. Having the correct "0201 and 70" was enough to tie it all together. And that there is no need to actually add the VIN to the new adaptive cruise control distance sensor. Adding the VIN is either done automatically or not needed. Overall, I feel very fortunate there wasn't a lot more needed to complete this repair. The physical repair didn't need to be as exact as I first thought, and FORScan had all the answers, with very little prior knowledge on how to use it.
  4. danwdc

    Adaptive Cruise Malfunction

    I've read a lot of forum posts for many different topics. It's frustrating when people don't respond with positive outcomes. So if someone sees this in 5 years with a similar problem, they will know my outcome. Even if they don't use my technique, the other posts on this thread provide great information. They really did a nice job. I used my adaptive cruise tonight for the first time ever. It was real nice. I commute 24 miles each way in Minneapolis. It's hard to let the system brake for you when traffic slows way down. But it works real well. At first, I was going 10 MPH under my set speed, and I thought the cruise control wasn't calibrated correctly. Then it dawned on me, I have adaptive cruise. I think I like 3 out of 4 bars (farther away). I almost want to go for a 2 hour drive, just to see how nice it is. I haven't done any hacking with FORScan yet. But I would like to see if I could change the turn signal quick tap from shutting off in 5-6 flashes, instead of 3. I also need to program my spare key fob that I bought off eBay. I don't think my current key fob is the administrator fob. But for now, I am real happy having cruise control. I'm a big user of CC, even around town.
  5. danwdc

    Adaptive Cruise Malfunction

    Success!! My cruise control is fully functional, including adaptive cruise control. Before, when my cruise wasn't working, I would get "Collision Warning Not Available" every time I started my car. I went to C-CM, loaded factory AB. (Let FORScan find it.) Saved it. Write it. Followed the instructions for turning car off and on. It worked. 5 minutes. The numbers at the top of the FORScan picture did change to the correct 0201 and 70. I don't remember what they were before, but I saved it just in case. First time I've had working cruise control since I bought this car last June. Adaptive works great too. And I can turn it off or on. No warnings when I start the car, for the first time since I have had this car. I do really like it. I am glad it's fully functional. I also had a problem with the car starting or turning on accessory mode on it's own, and the battery running down. Replaced the control panel under the center screen, which fixed all that. I wish I would have tried FORScan before replacing a $430 part. I may not have needed it, but it's done and working. I've seen the part on Ford OEM sites for around $1500, and read estimates of $1000 to $1400 to have a Ford service shop program it. I tried to buy the part off eBay, but it was difficult to find the right part number. Either way, I saved at least $2000. Thanks for the great replies to my post. I am truly very appreciative of all the help.
  6. danwdc

    Adaptive Cruise Malfunction

    Thanks for the reply. When I get the the screen in your second picture, I can't select anything. The Cruise Control selection is greyed out and won't let me proceed. I think I need to add my vehicle VIN to the new cruise control distance sensor with Forcan. I am new to Forscan, and can't figure out how to add the VIN. Any help would be great. Either to add the VIN or delete the adaptive cruise control.
  7. I had a problem with my 2013 Edge Limited with Sony. My entertainment system would shut off every 5 minutes, at irregular intervals. I also had a problem with my car starting on it's own after I left the vehicle, or coming back to dead battery. I think it was turning on accessory mode after I left the car. Of note, the power button didn't work, in the middle of the volume knob. I replaced the control panel, below the touchscreen (the one that says Sony and has the big volume knob). All my problems went away.
  8. I bought a 2013 Ford Edge Limited AWD last June with a warning the reads "Collision Warning Not Available." When I try to turn on the cruise control, I get a warning that says "Adaptive Cruise Not Available." Both show up on the screen to left of the steering wheel. I replaced the cruise control distance sensor with a Dorman 601-726, leveled it, and set it with a drive with Forscan. Forscan said the calibration was successful. But no change with the 2 alarms and cruise control won't turn on. When I go to the driver assist menu, the adaptive cruise control setting is highlighted lighter than the rest of the options, and when I select it, I am unable to turn off adaptive cruise control. I really don't care if the collision warning or adaptive cruise control work or not, I just want regular cruise control and get rid of the warning lights. Any help would be awesome. Thanks!